Hopes of blocking landlords from evicting tenants who complain about problems in their home were dashed today — after a Tory MP used an hour-long speech to ‘talk out’ the Tenancies (Reform) Bill. Protections against retaliatory eviction now stand little chance of becoming law, despite enjoying cross-party and government support.

As declared in the debate, the register of members’ interests for hard-right crackpot Philip Davies reveals that he himself owns a rented flat in the capital:

8. Land and Property
Flat in London from which rental income is received. (Registered 18 September 2012)

Having endured an hour of Davies’ drivel — designed purely to block the passage of bill — shouts of “outrageous” resounded across the chamber when the Shipley MP suggested the deputy speaker was biased in invoking an obscure parliamentary procedure to obligate him to conclude his speech:

An exasperated parliamentary source told Scrapbook:

“Fridays in parliament are becoming a complete joke. They’re dominated by a right-wing clique of MPs who will filibuster anything which isn’t the Margaret Thatcher Day Bill

With a majority of nearly 10,000, however, we won’t be seeing the back of Davies any time soon.

  1. Nothing surprises me when it comes to this obnoxious piece of work. I’m unfortunate enough to have him as my MP, and his main contribution locally is to h\ave his self-promoting press releases plastered all over our supine local evening paper. Hopefully we’ll see the back of him in May!

  2. These are the real Benefit Scroungers…………….landlords taking absolute billions in housing benefit and business owners who pay minimum wages, or better still for them, scandalously low apprentice wages forcing their employees onto government income supplements. Forced sale of rental properties and converting them to social housing should be on any socialist agenda. Any company which can’t pay The Living Wage as a minimum obviously has a fundamentally flawed business plan.
    Stop Benefits going to the Rich.

  3. Shamus McWhirter says:

    If he owns a flat in ‘the capital’ why is he charging us £20,286.00 pa for accommodation? Troughing snort, snort …….

  4. I think people can draw their own conclusions to what type of landlord Philip Davies is when he attempts to block bills like this.

  5. Shares a flat with McVey – there was a comment after an article about her in the Liverpool Echo alleging there was a ” interesting ” rent arrangement . That allegation could be unfounded though hmmm

  6. Those of us from Shipley don’t need articles like this to know that he’s a self-serving, arrogant and shameless individual!

  7. I blame Christopher Leslie, who for some odd reason was selected to run for Labour when Marcus Fox finally retired from the long held Shipley seat.- Mr Leslie won.
    Leslie, a blatant Blair Boot licker then spent so much time moaning about how much being a young MP was costing him in the pocket that the local rag had a field day almost everyday. Next time round surprise, surprise, the youngest MP in the known universe was out – and the far right Mr Davis was in – probably for the next 1 000 years or so.
    Mr L was promptly given a bag carrying job until he could be imposed on the PLP again.
    Hi, ho – the wind and the rain.

  8. Patricia Palmer says:

    This has been going on forever, but hanks to the internet, Phillip Davis and his Ilk are being exposed now, and hopefully will be removed pronto, and not be allowed to pull dangerous stunts like this, MR SPEAKER, I hope you are ashamed of yourself, but perhaps you were alsleep?

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