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With councils already hammered by austerity cuts, the GMB have circulated data on 26 local authorities that are consulting on 20,794 job losses — merely a taster of what could be coming in the next parliament.

Having overlaid it with details of the largest party in each area, however, Scrapbook can’t see much blue in there.  The figures show that just 7% of upcoming losses — which include front line services such as elderly care and children’s services — are in Tory led areas.

GMB council job losses

The news comes after a university study revealed that councils in northern areas had to shoulder cuts of £160-per-head more than in the south-east.

So were the public lied to when told ‘We’re all in this together’?

Or have the Tory councils just sacked everyone already?

  1. Nigel Woodcock says:

    Do you really need to ask the question? “All in it together” was a cynical rhetorical device, and it has presaged an appalling attack on civil society, especially the poorest and most vulnerable. Meanwhile, not a single banker has been put in jail for their illegal activities that caused the crisis. In fact they continue to get their bonuses.

  2. Doesn’t your story simply prove that all the bureaucratic, poorly run and inefficient councils are Labour ones? It’s very easy to cut the the wasteful spending of tax-payer money at Labour-run councils. It’s harder to do that at the superbly efficient well-run conservative councils which are already delivering the best value for money around the country.

    In the long run the wasteful spending at Labour-run councils will catch up with them. Hence jobs are safer at efficiently run Tory councils, that’s the real message in your story.

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