Grant Shapps posing as Michael Green

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps threatened a constituent who referenced his controversial alter ego ‘Michael Green’, Political Scrapbook can reveal.  The Hertfordshire MP recently posted the following response on Facebook after taking umbrage at the suggestion that his use of the pseudonym — which he used to promote a series of reputationally toxic ‘get rich quick’ schemes — was dishonest:

Grant Shapps Facebook threat

From the looks of the following apology from former local councillor Dean Archer, Shapps looks to have followed through:

Dean Charles Archer Shapps apology

Litigious Shapps insists that the Green identity was a merely a benign “pen name” — as opposed to a device to insulate his political career from highly dubious internet marketing activities — strenuously denying that he has ever misled the public.

But the Tory chairman goes further than this, asserting that he “published his full name alongside” publications such as Make $20,000 in 20 Days Guaranteed Or Your Money Back.

Interesting …

  1. he certainly didn’t like it when Michael Crick pointed out that it “might be perceived as deceptive” and proceeded to try and exit the building via a succession of wrong doors – That was hilariously damning…

  2. Er, hold on a moment. Schapps gave him the opportunity to retract before reaching for the libel lawyer’s hotline, and the councillor retracted. This means that Schapps didn’t in fact follow through with the ‘threat’, surely?

  3. So Micheal Green likes to use other names such as Schapps but always makes sure everyone knows this when he is conducting business, giving a speech or telling people how to ‘get rich quick’. Well, that’s obviously believable, quite normal and there’s obviously no ulterior motive in doing this. Hang on, isn’t he that Tory politician, in which case I’d say all this is definitely embarrassing and behaviour inappropriate and unbecoming of a Member of Parliament. As to putting the frighteners on someone who has merely commented on something which is in the public domain, I say Order, Order, and suggest he stop being a bully, apologise and return monies where appropriate. Perhaps trading standards should look into whether goods and services provided were fit for purpose and value for money. By the way there’s no point in coming after me as I’m dirt poor and no matter how great the greed and hard the squeeze, absolutely no money could be wrung out of me. How did we end up with an unelected government full of con men; liars; friends of criminals; people who throw official letters into bins in the park; and worst of all, paedophiles? This Coalition government is the very stuff of nightmares and I’m sure we only know the half of it.

  4. He’s a good old schapp is Michael. Follows the green not the dream. That’s rule 101 in Grant’s school of business.

  5. john henderson says:

    I emailed the greenman a while ago about his “misinterpreted” by media bit about special work camps for some benefit claimants and said to me this was like bringing back the workhouse. He replied “thank you for your (ableit rediculous) email”. Nice putdown. I also emailed Jim Murphy he was much nicer and agreed with me.

  6. Agree with you, Corinne. I think that we now know enough about Mr Shapps, and that any further smears would be quite superfluous.

  7. @Corinne Stockheath…Erm, what smear campaign? Now it’s been revealed that Shapps/\Green/Fox was lying, don’t you feel a bit silly?

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