With UKIP defector Mark Reckless’ comments on forced repatriation, it is perhaps less surprising that he has already receivedpublic endorsement from the leader of the country’s fastest growing far-right movement, Britain First.

Addressing a rally through a megaphone, Paul Golding claimed he would “have the last laugh” when the “patriotic right-wing MP” Reckless was elected.

And Scrapbook can today reveal yet more evidence of supporters of the hardcore far-right throwing their backing behind UKIP.

Below are a small selection of households displaying UKIP posters for the Clacton and Rochester by-elections. Can readers guess what the properties have in common?

BNP supporters with UKIP posters in Clacton and Rochester

Their addresses and, where the information is available, current owners all appear on the 2007/2008 leaked BNP membership list.

  1. Thomas Evans (UKIP) says:

    People are so desperate to smear anyone connected to UKIP with the vaguest of connections these days it is getting absolutely pathetic!

  2. Ukip are NOT the peoples army, they are just more of the toff out of touch right-wing establishment who are only out for themselves.

  3. I suspect they will be backing labour as well with it new view on immigration, this is not going to get me to return to labour or if I wished voting for UKIP which I will not be doing.

    Labour have stated they made mistakes to try and counter UKIP labour running scared.

  4. What’s genuinely pathetic (“arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness; miserably inadequate”) is how far some people go to try to call out anyone telling the truth. Never let facts get in the way of a good rant, eh?

  5. “People are so desperate to smear anyone connected to UKIP with the vaguest of connections these days it is getting absolutely pathetic!”

    Mr De Mille is ready for your close-up, Norma.

  6. Yeah, Thomas Evans (UKIP), being formerly a paid up, card carrying member of the BNP and now being an avid UKIP supporter is really vague connection. Ukippers are so deluded that if Nigel Farage were caught in full Nazi uniform, reading Mein Kampf while throwing darts into a picture of Ghandi, they’d say “Tsh, typical right-on media trying to smear UKIP”.

  7. No-Wing Actifist says:

    so 4 ex-BNP *voting* for UKIP is a big deal, but 3 ex-BNP and an ex-NF who are now *serving Labour Councillors* isn’t?

  8. I dislike and distrust UKIP, but have to say that this “far-right connection” is so tenuous as to be close to spurious. For P/Scrapbook to offer it as a condemnation is likely to backfire. Regrettably foolish.

  9. As I recall, the BNP membership list was stolen. Anyone using information from the list is in breach of data protection laws, if they use the information without the permission of the person whose information they are using.

  10. This is a good thing. They can’t ever join UKIP because we are the only party that bans past and present members of the BNP and other racist and fascist groups from joining but I would rather they were supporting a party that wasn’t racist than a party that is.

  11. It appears to me that the media is trying every way possible to smear ukip. This constant smear campaign may well drive more people to vote ukip. Many people love an underdog and will votd for ukip as an act of defiance to the current leaders while having no idea of the underlying policies.

  12. Lomond Handley says:

    Hardly surprising that the Gang of Three are scare witless of UKIP’s growing success and will do anything and everything to snipe at our party.

  13. The BNP membership list is now so old you have to wonder how many actually still live at these addresses. Have you checked to see if your address is on that list?

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