Alan Mellins

Asked by a council officer — in the middle of a planning scrutiny meeting — for suggestions for speeding up the eviction of travellers, this was the response of Maidenhead Tory Cllr Alan Mellins:

“Execute them.”

With up to 500,000 Roma gypsies having been executed by the Nazis in World War II, Cllr Mellins told the Maidenhead Advertiser:

“I do not have any prejudices. I do not consider myself to have any anyway.”

The Gypsy Council and Labour HQ have both issued statements calling for him to consider his position.

Scrapbook wonders what Mellins’ local colleague Theresa May thinks.

  1. I would like to know where these disturbed people come from?No doubt he would be happier in the National Socialist Party…The remark is a racist hate crime and the police should warn him as they would with any other person who publicly declare such vile hatred towards other human beings.

  2. Raymond Pidgly says:

    My Father and Mother were gypsies and lived in a caravan until they moved into a Council House just before I was born in Bournemouth. My Father was in the Royal Artillery in the 1914 war and his younger brother was killed in France. My eldest brother Oliver was also in the Royal Artillery, my second eldest brother was in the Royal Army Service Corps, my third brother and myself were in the Royal Marines (40 Commando) and my son Gregory was in 40 Commando, Royal Marines. My eldest sister Irene had a son who has also completed over 22 years service in the Special Air Service. I have voted Conservative since the age of 21 and I am now 79. Should we all be executed. Hampshire Romany’s.

  3. if u where to say “execute all Muslims” because I have all of them living close by would that be acceptable?

  4. Why should this pig be allowed to say this a bout decent people . Let him sit with travellers for 5 min see what they would do with him .
    I bet he’s a pedophile ugly face

  5. Fucking scum hitler thats what he is . Wouldint be allowed to say it about any body else only gypsies . Never seen a uglier man in my life

  6. this guy must be so proud of himself these views aren’t acceptable in this day and age he should be forced to resign then hede have a reason to hate travelers

  7. Doesn’t matter who you are .every one needs some were to live ..w ether caravan house etc. There humans av feelings like eny one else .so stop talking shit .hitter.

  8. whybis this man allowed to say that if he would have said that about a imagrant he would have been prosicuted but because it’s about travelers he’s allowed to get away with its he’s ignorant and people like him are the ones who need executing put him in a room of travler men and see what they do to him he’s a ugly no good pig who don’t know his area from his elbow and should be given the sack

  9. This guy is a crack head to say somthing like that also the police should do something about him every day travlers are bieng singled out and they should set and example bye prosacuting him

  10. If this mongral said that about blacks or muslims he would be done for being a racist people like him should drop dead

  11. How disgusting that someone can say something like this and get away with it! If this was said about a Muslim the man would be sacked and probably arrested for racial abuse! I am a Gypsy, I lived on a caravan site for 18 years until I left home. I am 22, have 2 children and I work full time as a Support Worker for adults with special needs. Should I, or any other Traveller, be ‘executed’ because we have a different way of life? The government give out houses like they’re sweets to foreigners, they even have leaflets in the job centre titled ‘Coming to Britain and claiming your benefits’. All because they are so worried about being seen as racist. Yet if it is racism against a Gypsy, it’s acceptable. They want him to ‘consider his position’? Oh yeah, well done! That’ll show him that what he did was wrong! What an absolute joke this country is.

  12. Disgusting excuse for a human being. Decent humans everywhere should call for him to be removed from his position straight away.

  13. Execute them?…. You are a mortal man, a man that was given leadership over people and you abuse it..
    JESUS was a true leader… He lead people into peace and love…
    U lead people with violence an ignorance. You don’t understand gypsy and traveller ways so you automatically don’t like it. You fear something that you have no understanding of so you condemn it the same way the people condemned and persecuted JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOUR.
    How dare you say these words? What lessons are you teaching the next generation?
    You need to open your eyes. The world around you is filled with people from all races, beliefs, colours and walks of life and it’s because of people like you that their is so much hatred in this world and wars taken place.
    I am a woman of 23 years old. A member of the travelling community and proud to be an English gypsy. It disgusts me to think that my people are being treated this way but more so that u will probably get away with your actions and words, and feel no remorse. That is why this world is in such a state.
    I WILL PRAY FOR YOU because I was raised the right way.

  14. I like how he says Gypsies should be executed but pedophiles and rapist get a slap on the wrist and get treated normal,, and another thing many of gypsy man have fought and died for this country in the war an what has this pig done for this country but stirred hatred,,!!!! He makes me sick,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. GypsieGirl-3azabirdx says:

    Its amazing how a educated man can be so small minded! Sack him. He obviously isn’t capable to be leading people, leadership takes wiseness,courage, compassion and most of all treating people equally with consideration of others! He definatly DO NOT fit in this catagorie. Only one word to discribe this man “Hitler”!!!! So who ever reads this & has the ability to prosecute this man DO IT & use him as the example to others. Because you have definatly wrongly prosecute some travellers to set your “good” examples. Remember this…. There’s good and bad in “everyone” its just having the knowledge & courage for looking for the good in people that counts!!!!!!!

  16. Sherlock row resident says:

    This man disgusts me . There is no need for this racism . The world has moved on ,all cultures /races have rights . Populations have excepted black people ,Muslims ,and many more. Gypsies are still hated by so many. No one wants them living near them ,but the truth is they are all over the place and need to go somewhere. Yes they are living on green belt land ,but how many houses have been built recently on green belt ,mainly to house immigrants . As far as I am aware these people have not caused any harm since they have set up home where they are ,all the kids are in school and recive education . Maybe if we start treating these people with some respect and except they have a culture and this means not living in a house ,then we may just sort the problem of so many unauthorised encampment in local recreation grounds .the tax payers money is spent every year on taking gypsies to court to remove them from place to place .why not just allocate places where sites could be built . I am sure that the government had a fund not so long ago and had to build so many plots by a certain date . These people have brought the land already ,so in fact would be saving government money if they were to grant planning .

  17. Am a gypsy my self and tbh we come across people like this everyday of life it’s nothing new to us. Everyone thinks were scummy people what live bin a trailer. But if there’s one thing you don’t see on the news is gypsy a and travllers being done for rape! So we’re not all that scum!

  18. Unfortunate coincidence that the advert on the site at the moment is for
    “Traveller Evictions
    The experts in Traveller Removals UK and international”

  19. God ohh god who Nd name of god does this dirty scummy tramp think he is to say gypsies be executed I’m sick to death now of travellers n gypsies being discriminated n put dwn what n who gives him the right to say such thing ..I wounder would he say to a few gypsies men faces if he was on his own ..I’m a traveler n proud of it n am proud of my ancestors as for u ur an evil evil Man U need looking up I wounder if you said that about blacks/Muslims ect ect would you get away it no u wouldn’t so why the hell should you get away wit sayn it about gypsies

  20. This man needs a beating im a traveller my salf and trust me i wouldnt do that to a dog let a lone a human that man wants a new ass hole tearin id hang him people like him make me sick to sit and judge us yet our people dont rape we dont abuse we dont walk the streets smacked up but yet were judged bein man of the church id say you my friend are heading to the pits and delmations of hell i promiss you nuffink but a basterd who needs a good fuck to set you right dosser!!!!!!!!

  21. This small minded scumbag should be sacked, and why hasn’t he been sacked by now ?
    Obesely he has only dealt with someone that has upset him in the past, and his small mind has not exspanded any further that that. If he was to have a few hours with gypsys he would know we are not all the same you get good and bad in all races of people, he is one example of a bad example. His mind has sliped, we fort in the war to save others and billions of gypsy’s along with the jews got torched, and killed, so we have life we wouldent be here if it wasn’t for them.

  22. Live for Jesus says:

    I pray for people like him,that god comes into him life,
    This dear sad man has bad options of us but at the end of the day look at the news and papers very rearly you see gypys in the headlines. Yes some live in houses some live in trailers but that don’t change that we are humans have feelings and are not animals.
    How we choose to live in our homes should not effect him if there was more sites built then people would have somewhere to go,do they realy think that stoping with no water or electric is good in the winter months and when you got baby’s ? I live on a site which Is very clean and we have never had any trouble,children all go to school,we pay water council tax ,rent ,electric and gas and work and pay taxs so what makes us deserve this hatred for a man ????

  23. This mans got to b reported to the police if a man sat on social networking site saying he was gonna blow up a plane or plant a bom my deer god the police wood have to do something he needs yo b saked what a drity old man how do we no hr sint a rapist cod hes defo a racist remove him befor someone gets there hands on him .I

  24. John Sullivan says:

    Why the surprise?, over the years Tory councillors have called for the extermination of disabled people like my daughter, not so long back a Tory deputy mayor also a UKIP member called for the guillotining of disabled children at birth, more recently a UKIP member which is in effect a Tory in purple rather than blue, called for the forced termination of any disabled foetus. Sick people are forced back to work and die unnecessarily due to Tory policies and many have been driven to suicide. So I repeat my question ” why the surprise?” It tells you all about Tories, when they threw the deputy mayor out of the party, not for calling for the guillotining of the innocent , but because he was also a member of UKIP.

  25. tom mc donagh says:

    One hateful ugly hypocrite iwonder if he was on deaths door and a doctor from the travelling community was on duty to save his life would he still have the same opinion its no wonder there is so much prejudice in the world when an aashole on such a political stand is allowed to say what he wants about such an oppressed community this morons resignation should be called for immediately in the mean time he should work side by side with some of these hard working decent people they might teach him something very valuable about respect for another human irrespective of their colour race or cread

  26. Doesn’t execute mean kill? Why is this man allowed to say execute gypsys an travellers? He is basically he would kill my people my culture it’s made me feel sick let me state there is no pedofiles rapists or child killers among gypsy and travellers this man needs to look at his own kind of people befor he judges others and say he would execute them! Don’t judge cos only the blessed lord can judge and only god no man is allowed to have the right to say something like this if it was said about another ethnic group the country would be up in arms! I’m a gypsy and proud of it, I wouldn’t call him a educated man to say something like this.

  27. People do this because they can . Gypsies and travellers are the only community what carnt do anything about racist against them . Think its time we stand up for our rights like everyone else does and put a stop to this once and for all .
    And get this ugly cunt put behind bars .

  28. I'm a gypsy I think it's disgusting an he should be taken to court says:

    I am a gypsy and I think it’s disgusting and he should be taken to court for racial remarks also sacked if I sed this about some one today I could be proscted wer dose the law lay for gypsy do we not come under human race

  29. Donna Langton says:

    He is no different to a terrorist , he should be a member of Isis…… with a evil mentality like that he is not fit to be a politition …….

  30. I think he should deserve to lose his job, the council is there to help people not persecute or be prejudice. Everyone has human rights and it’s not up to him or anyone to decide to persecute us. There would be uproar now if he said this about another culture. Get him sacked!

  31. Really??!!! These very words you hav said has summed u up as wat kind of man u really r ……… I pray that god don’t be 2 harsh on u on judgement day I pray u realise ur evil deeds and REPENT! B4 its 2 late ……..see a compassionate and forgiving ppl such as we r will pray 4 a poor excuse as a man such as u godbless

  32. Samantha Burns says:

    Maybe we should all make a complaint to the police about this cretin. I have met many folk like him throughout my life. There are some travellers who don’t help matters either with the way they carry on but we shouldn’t all be tarred with the same brush, there is good and bad in us all.

  33. Teresa McDonagh says:

    I’m a 13 year old traveller do u wanna kill me to? Ya smelly tramp we ain’t dogs you know we have life’s here’s a fact you didn’t know gypsys where just plain roman people who travelled around in trailers or what you may call “caravans” should we kill 1/4 of our country?! No I don’t fuckin think so mr smarty pants the only one who should be executed is you!!! Ya peaodphile basterd get a life #KillThatGuy!

  34. Teresa McDonagh says:

    Oh and FYI travellers are really nice people if they want to be should we kill black people for being black ? Should we kill Muslims for being Muslims ? No ! Your are just a sick little man who’s looking for some poxy attention! yours

  35. TravellerAndProud says:

    I think u should meet with travellers n gypsys and say that to there face discrimination is the same as racism us Sick Man You should be torcherd because killing u would be to good ain’t no one better than anybody else and you sure ain’t better than us you pricey piece of shit we are normal people like everybody else thank you to everyone for not agreeing with him there is good n bad in everyone we just seem to get painted with the same brush not everyone is the same

  36. to be fair why are you trying to execute gypsy/travellers for they don’t do nothink wrong they are really respectfull people and go by all the rules but who ever you are trying to get rid of them you aint being fair towards gypsy/travellers because you are being harsh

  37. Some ones mum says:

    This man is classed as a leader. I am now scared for my family , especially my little girl , what kind of example is this man setting and what is he saying to the public about gypsies. Basically that it’s ok to abuse them adult and child . There is so much hate in this world already , so many sick unwell people that committed crimes every day. Let’s just hope one of those sick people don’t take on board what this man has said .All the time this man stays in his position there has been no example set .he has no remorse and neither does the rest of the party that are standing behind this excuse for a human being .There are so many rules in place already to protect different cultures but none for gypsies. Kids get abused at school all the time because parents messages and opinions being passed down .This has gone on too long now .It’s time to stop .time for all gypsies too stand together and to say we have had enough .I could understand the hatred if we had committed unforgiving crimes like the twin towers or London .but the truth of the matter is that gypsies are not murders or rapists or pedophiles. They are not on drugs or the local gang around the corner .They are just a group of people that want to live in a caravan .what is so bad about this .there’s plenty of rouge builders out there non gypsies waiting to rip people off.most the time gypsies get the blame .plenty of Jon gypsies that steal , but still gypsies get the blame .many gypsies are in regular jobs and paying their rent council tax and working tax .vehicles are up together because it’s their main source of income .

  38. sharon mackenzie says:

    I am a gypsy woman and proud to say so, this man says execute us yet do you see our race in the papers being called rapist, murderers, paedophiles, or terrorist’s ?
    NO you never do and that’s because we as gypsy’s respect all human beings wether they be black, white, mixed race , Muslim, Pakistan, i or any race, creed or nationality. If there is any mud slinging to be done and I only write this to bring home a point not to judge anyone, but the reason you don’t see our race in the papers associated with the heinous crimes I’ve written above, is because in fact it’s your race Mr Politician that commits these terrible crimes, so if any race were to be executed then maybe you should be looking closer to home to your own race maybe.
    We as gypsy people do not discriminate against people because they are different God himself made every race there is on this earth, so if he himself created us then who is anyone to say who belongs on this earth and who should get to live or die.
    You sir are a racist, evil human being, one who is not fit to bare the title of politician, how can your own people trust your judgement on issues when we have all heard and read what type of man you really are down deep inside.
    I pray for your poor family who will have to cope with the public outcry and face people who will no doubt question them as to why their father, husband, brother, son could say something so evil. Your poor family will have face embarrassment and much more because of you.
    It’s strange how I a gypsy could care more about your family’s wellbeing then you obviously do, do you even realise the backlash of what you’ve said and how it will affect your own family and how people will treat them because of you, but rest assured I will pray for them that God will protect them from your sins, and I will also pray for you Mr Politician, you who said I need executing, I will pray that God forgives you for being so evil, and I pray that you will open your heart to him and except him as your Lord and saviour, if you let him he can transform your life and turn you into a man of compassion, a man who see the needs of others and goes out of his way to help them, a man his family and his country can be proud of that’s what I will pray for you also I pray that your eyes will be opened onto what it is you have actually said about a race of people. People who have done nothing to you, people you don’t actually know, how can you want the death of people you know nothing about at all, thats as ridiculous as saying we should execute your wife because she sleeps in the same bed as you.
    If you can want to kill an entire race of people that you don’t even know or that have done nothing at all to you, how can your own race of people trust that you will do something that will benefit them, as you don’t know them either do you really when it comes down to it, quite scary actually.
    I could go on and call you all the names under the sun excetra, excetra , but then that would bring me down to your level and believe me I’m nothing like you.
    My mother brought me up to respect others she always told me, treat others how you yourself would like to be treated, and that skin colour or nationality means nothing.
    We all have two eyes, one brain and one heart,
    The eyes see that we are all the same, the brain lets us think about our actions and the pain that we can cause others by judging and not getting to know a person before we form an opinion, and one heart, that should be filled with nothing else but love for one another, as if it’s filled with hatred not only will it cause us nothing but pain but it will also cause nothing but pain for anyone who comes into contact with us.
    So thats what I will pray for you Mr Politician, that those last few words above that I’ve written will rub off on you and that you can apply them to your own life.
    May God bless you
    From one of the people you would like to execute.

  39. im a 3rd generation holocost surviver my great granny was in sobivor, she was the only 1 to survive they wiped our entire family out.if my great grandmother did,nt i would,nt b here now. so for somebody who is supose to have all the peoples interest at heart….. wtf r they doing wen it comes to gypsy,s they can say n do as they please. u could,nt do it to an indian jamaican chinese person so why us. SACK THE DIRTY NONSEY CUNT. give us equal rights as human beings. x .

  40. see this no good cunt of a man he wants shooting gives me guts ache to hear this he wants to walk round he’s streets and see the rubbish and shit wots chucked out by he’s own then have the nerve and slag down travellers filthy no good scumbag I hope he wakes up and sees em all pulled up on he’s big posh drive and he’s daughter falls in love with a travelling boy wipe that big ole grin of he’s big pig head

  41. He needs executing , send him to Baghdad and have done if he wants to execute anyone he may as well join Isis !!

  42. Ignorance must be excused, the man needs to come, live and work for a living with travellers not sit in an office passing judgement on travellers, if he did he would see that they are mostly hard working honest people with a decent conscience who love God and his word, I can’t talk about every traveler as there is good and bad in every culture and peoples.
    , poor sick minded man needs to find salvation in Jesus and spend some time with saved Gypsy’s

  43. The bloke is an arse, he need to be prosecuted, but how many of you critisising him then show your own racism, or islamaphobia! Why do to other what you don’t want done to you?

  44. This is beyond a joke if any of us decent people was to say that or anythink like it towards any1 else we would be punished what harm do we do there is food and bad in all so why do big headed people like him tar us all with the same brush … GYPSY LOUD AND PROUD !!!

  45. I thou hilter was dead never knw he came bk he’s should burn in he’ll let him be in a shed wit aload ov traviller Man see what thr would do 2 him he’s should be dne for racist

  46. Disgusting comments,ppl wat now travellers will know they have moral’s!!I’m working full time ,pay tax nvr been in trouble with police but war time my great grandparents &served in the war,1losted his life,how dare he make comments bout travellers,England in ruins over ppl like him ,but let more ppl from other countries in goin build more mosts for Muslims,plz some body in government,dnt let ppl like him getaway with it !!!!

  47. This man is a vile raceist if he feels this way about gipsys he will feel that way about coloured people and Muslims therefore he should not hold the position he does .He obviously hasn’t got the brains to keep his mouth shut just what the Tories need another big mouth .
    The reason travellers get picked on is because they take it on the chin they don’t complain to the police or politicians .

  48. I am a traveler I have a good job and I foster children what right dos this man have to say this about any other person and if this was said about any one other race of people sometimes would be done about it and because most of us cant read or right am sure there someone who can speed up for us

  49. Shocking but not surprised the people live very detached lives but I think this is a race hate crime and he should be arrested for his own safety if nothing else.

  50. Hitler is back not for the poor jews this time but for the travelers should be in court by now and sacked

  51. If we gypsies were muslin or from any other ethnic group these comments would be stated as being racist and this person ( if you can call him that) would be taken to court.
    I come from families that go back generations, that have served in the first world war, that have been educated paid their taxes given to the poor and charities. ….I could go on and on what we and other good things that romany gypsies have done and achieved. What right has this person have to stand up and say such terrible comments?

  52. what a pig of a man!! We are hardly allowed to celebrate xmas because it offends Muslims even down to peppa pig! But he can stand there an freely say excute travlers! There’s good an bad in every single person person that walks this earth because you seen one bad travler don’t mean we’re all the same no different to saying I hate black men because one of them shot some one! Sick an tired of this something should be done!

  53. this man needs the lord to talk about such good people Iam proud of who Iam my father was a travlier Iam a travler and also a proud American free we are and free we will stay in Jesus mighty name

  54. Im truly in shock after seeing this I hope this
    excuse of a man loses hes place and gets completely fired and put in jail for the slander he is spreading around.. we wouldn’t get away with it
    If we were racist .Please please
    Please share this with all your friends and family
    Get this man put in jail to rott…let this go viral People stand up for whats right

  55. i like how treats of executing all gypsys are clearly made by you pigs head when there are no treats made towards foreigners when actually they have taken over our country when there are English and gypsys out there looking for homes to keep there family warm and to get them a education but all the foreigners have taken all them from us and our country and you Tory should be the one getting executed for discrimination saying to kill all gypsys and traveller when we ain’t done nothink wrong. And you SIR are a dirty rotten animal and you should rot because you discust me because your a very HARSH MAN GOOD DAY TO YOU Sir

  56. I am a gypsy and for him to say that his one evil man iv always lived in a house and like everyone else theirs good and bad In everyone. And he shouldn’t be allowed to say that what so if he said that about another race is that ok? Man needs help shame on him

  57. Did you know that your people relied on Gypsy duing the war. There were many Gypsys that fought in both wars & died for idiots like yourself. They worked hard along side decent Gorgie folk on farms & estates. The Gorgie relied on us for our meat vouchers as we could fend of the land so didn’t really need them. The Gorgie relied on us for logs in the winter & other recycled items. My Gran & Grandad Matthews use to feed children from a couple of family’s because their Fathers use to drink the money & beat their wives. In all what right have you got to make a comment like you have. The PM should sack you without any delay, as to try & put right the damage you have done.

  58. i think this is funny we can all tell that where gypsy because you guys can’t spell lmao I just got a kick out of reading all of this

  59. I am a gypsy and this man is a suvin pig!!! He needs to be exacuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is he to judge us??? Its because of people like him that this world is coming to an end!!! Please share this and let it go viral so maybe just maybe he will get what’s coming to him!!

  60. Wow so my people are looked at, as we were looked at by Hitler!

    Shame on you to even be called a human! You are more of a MONSTER!


  61. Absolutely appalling. Disgusting words to come out of someone’s mouth bout human beings were all the same in Jesus’s eyes don’t mater were u come from or race sick vile thing to say about anyone u should be ashamed of your self for such evil comment

  62. Billy Boswell says:

    He’s a smelly tramp who clearly needs a bit of soap and water leave all of your generous donations please

  63. Maybe he was beaten up by a gypsie way back and now wants them all dead im proud to be gypsie u Gorgie bread cos u got a big house u think ur better trust me I kno alot a gypsies that are good people just cos u had it give to u on a plate u aint no better then hittler ur a scumbag hamster looking pig needs ya face bit off

  64. as a gypsy i can honestly say we are the most hated people in the world.this man should be removed from his many of you have said.he is not fit to lead a hourse to water.not alone try and lead this country.we should all get together and pertition that he is a racist and not be alowed to continue the job he is doing.we should have the same rights as the foreiners that come to our country and rob us to death.just look at the state of our NHS.people dying because the goverment has run out of money for there treatment.GET A PETITION GOING ITS TIME WE STOOD OUR GROUND

  65. This is ridiculous this man has no right to say this about anyone and why gypsies im a gypsy myself born and raised and there are good and bad in each of us and thats not just includong gypsies thats including any race but its not right in this scumbag to say this about us we are human beings and we have rights

  66. an alternative method of dealing with the problem, if there is a problem, is to execute those people who have the problem. when there is no one left who has a problem then the problem ceases. this creates another benefit to the community and that is that we no longer have to pay the exorbitant wages to keep these people in jobs thinking up mehods to deal with problems, sop everyone else benefits.

  67. I have reported this to the thamesvalley police .it has been accepted by the police as a
    crime. C.I.D. are dealing with it.anyone wishing to complain can contact thamesvalley 01628 645870

  68. I find this absolutely disgusting, what a horrible little man. If this had been said about any other minority he would have had To stand down, how can you justify saying that innocent men, women and children should be EXECUTED for what they are? A very inconsiderate statement considering that hundred of thousands of Romani were in fact EXECUTED by the nazis in the war. He should be removed, if it were Muslim or Pakistani he would be long gone. MR Mellins – you vile weasel.

  69. he should send all the foringers bk 2 their own countries & leave us travellers alone he is wosre than hitler dat is not fair im mega pissed off now lets get a pettiton & take him 2 court

  70. This man is scum but nice how nothing said in papers or on the news about this it wouldn’t b coz it’s about gypsy again everything all keep quiet we are human we have got rights aswell if this was about any other race he would be done for it I’m a gypsy woman from a gypsy family I am very proud if who and what I am and allways will b think this should be taking further something should b done about it !!!!!!

  71. I thought hittler was dead . Who the hell dose this piece of rubbish think he is he should be sacked . Id love to have 5 minutes with this peace of shit . Im a gypsy and proud of it bluddy scum

  72. This man is pure evil, thats what Hitler did with the jews. We dont want that sort of thing again he needs locking up this guy. Either that or he should have a check up for his mental state. This country just gets worse day by day.

  73. Perhaps, this man doesn’t actually want to kill all of they gypsies.
    What he said kind of actually makes sense in a “modest proposal” kind of way
    The threat of execution should convince these travelers to high-tail it out of the land where they are unwanted (probably into a different land where theh are equally unwanted)

  74. In answer to satans post, what would his modest proposal be, which of us would be called up to be executed the old, infirm, disabled or perhaps the young and healthy, so has to stop the population from expanding, and who would have this right you, the public or the head of state, and can you tell me how long have your family been resident in England and if they were imigrants at one time in the past. As to send them out of the country where would you suggest we all high tail it out to. My fathers family can be traced back to 1665 living in England so I am sure I am as British if not more so then the next person, in fact the majority of parliamentary members are not true British and only second or third generation English. It would be interesting to know where in fact this mans family originated from. The Romany of this country have been scape goats and have been treated as the lowest of the low for far too long we are still being racially abused and our children are still being victamised at school and in the streets. Why are we still standing it, Why is there a law which states you can not call a black man black or any other name alluding to it but you can call a gypsy what you wish no one is going to be prosicute for it. I my self have had this racism thrown at me since I have been able to understand what it meant I am now 65 years of age and it is still as rampant now as it was when I was young when is it ever going to end.

  75. Proud to be a Gypsy. People like him are jealous of the closeness that Gypsy families have with each other. He must have a really sad life.

  76. Proud as proud can be to be a Gypsy. Wouldn’t want to be anything else. This man is such a sad case. His life must be awful. Must be all the sleep he is losing worrying that we are going to take over the world. Wouldn’t want everybody to have such a rich heritage as us!

  77. There is good and bad in everyone but gypsies always get put down as the worst he wouldn’t be able to say this to a black person or Indian if our men ever got hold of him he would be beaten you shouldn’t be able to say that about us he Needs god

  78. It’s time we stood our ground… Their isnt a travelin man, woman or child that I know that Is NOT a fighter… are we goin 2 let this man get away with it? NO…
    Are we goin 2 keep getting walked over?NO…
    I think it’s time me and my people made a stand…
    Now I don’t no about you… But my momma never raised no fool…
    If we don’t stand now, together, not as a community but as a family, we are NEVER goin 2 get the respect we deserve… Who’s with me?

  79. This man doesnt need.executed he needs jesus and he needs saved from he’s wicked thoughts and doings,. Jesus died for him and look how he’s repaying him.. By wanting bads things for gods children. I feel sorry for him cos he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  80. hiya all i am full english gypsy and how can he say that about us do we go around saying musilms need exacuting but if we did we would be locked up

  81. I am not a traveller, but when I was a security officer I had many dealings with them and I can honestly say that the greater percentage of them were great people. When on nights and doing my rounds I was often invited for coffee and heard some great tales. Most would leave after a week and leave the place very much as they found it. It is the few that get them all a bad name and people like this councillor don’t help matters, ignorant fat pig.

  82. sharon mackenzie says:

    I wrote a comment a few days ago and it’s strange how they haven’t let it show, why is it to close to home I wonder. Let my other comment show please you have let others through that are much more offensive.

  83. stacey louise says:

    I find this disgusting. It won’t get through. It could also be fake. Considering the goverment believe in human rights and wont kill the rapists and pedophiles. Why on earth would they kill innocent people. Just because they’re travellers…or dont pay tax haha I would love to travel.. its a load of balls anyway I really dont know why people are believing this… also its a hate crime. Its like me saying all the thugs should be killed. Its not a bad idea but its wrong. We are all human at the end of the day. . The Becuase people are assholes dan. Society is wank. Evertone judges the people who are different because they dont understand.. come on I was in hair dressing. I wasnt likes. I was the small fat one who couldnt speak because I was boring. Or wasnt skinny or pretty because I was quite they took the piss out of me behind my back. And dont be scared about that.. and one day you will be in love with the woman you are with and want a child with her.. youre only young. You will find someone x
    only people who deserve to die are the ones who murder. Also if this was the slightest bit true.. it would be all over the news and front page.. . Not some little site. Just saying..

  84. stacey louise says:

    I find this disgusting. It won’t get through. It could also be fake. Considering the goverment believe in human rights and wont kill the rapists and pedophiles. Why on earth would they kill innocent people. Just because they’re travellers…or dont pay tax haha I would love to travel.. its a load of balls anyway I really dont know why people are believing this… also its a hate crime. Its like me saying all the thugs should be killed. Its not a bad idea but its wrong. We are all human at the end of the day. . The only people who deserve to die are the ones who murder. Also if this was the slightest bit true.. it would be all over the news and front page.. . Not some little site. Just saying..

  85. A lot of the comments here are frankly disgusting and far far worse than anything this man said. He made a stupid, unfunny and very ill-judged joke, but if any of you think he was genuinely proposing killing anyone as a serious course of action you are getting carried away with yourselves and your witch-hunt. Some of the comments say a lot more about the commenters themselves than they do about him.

  86. miss g. white says:

    i grew up on the road as an american traveler, my family has been in wars, supporting the kings, colonies and countries throughout history. my great grandfather in the civil war, my grandfather in the world war 1, my father world war 2, uncles in the gulf war, and vietnam,my nephews in iraq, we worked hard, own homes, went to college, and we pay our taxes, we never forget who we are, because we are good stock romany blood… who had our own struggles, to make it to the top of the heap…when you speak words like (kill all the gypsies), you are saying more than you know. because you are saying it to billions of us, from ireland, england,the scotch, normans, americans, indians, turkish, russian, the bedoins, the gitanos , the swedes, and dutch, the norweigians, the africans,then you are basically picking on every country because we are everywhere…choose your words carefully sir, cause you are no better than anybody else in this world….

  87. What a good kick up the arss would do for this pig of a man, it would pay him better to kill all the pedo’s and the child killers not traveling people

  88. this makes me so mad! ive yet to meet a traveller ive not liked, they are decent human beings with better values and morals than the rest of society! don’t get me wrong on a few occasions we’ve seen them trying to take our scrap metal but when asked to they’ve put it back exactly as it was no bother or aggression and they’d never burgle your house like our smack heads do!

  89. case of mouth before brain i think as is the case with plenty of people. has he ever stopped to look at the most of the population of the uk .if you go back into family tree,s it is surprising just how many peoples ancestors are travelers or Romanies. such as my ancestors. i now live at the moment in a camper van in laybys and have now for nearly a year. and this was coursed by scum uk lowlifes. not a traveler and have been made welcome over the past yr by more than one traveler. i am terminally ill and live alone with my dog and fear the bad weather we are about to receive. further more do not seem too be able to get any help perhaps he would like me executed too at least i would be out of the way. chuck him in a caravan or camper make him live the life of persecution that some give travelers see how he would comment then.

  90. I am an irish traveller and im proud to say it I understand their are a lot of people out there who gave our community a bad name but that does not give a hitler loving pig like him the right to say that if I got my hands on him id turn him inside out you should be strung up by your testicles and left to die you hateful basterd

  91. albert wright says:

    As it goes I am one of those people that live on an unauthorised site in RBWM and it seems unbelievable that a person can say this and not be prosecuted I think there is a lot of ingnorance understanding gypsies the reason unathorised sites exist is lack of site provision this comment was made at meeting on how to deal with gypsies it seems strange if there is ever to be any understanding why not involve the people the meeting is about ie gypsies perhaps if we were treated with any respect it would be better for all concerned I fear discrimination is getting worse for gypsies and travellers iam proud to be a gypsy iam law abiding iam a tax payer but unlike other ethnic groups gypsies do not stick together until this happens we will never be treated or respected as human beings racism creates a nasty and bitter person so right he resigned but problem being Cllr mellings said what many people think of gypsies and travellers racism should be stopped from all walks of life

  92. Its me again Maria . He wouldn’t say that to any of us traverlers would he . He is a coward and he’s only upset cos he don’t know who his father is where his mums had so many men . The fucking nonse . You can see what this man is cant you . A coward a lob . He’s just trying to upst us . He cant find a mort he’s gotta mess around with a goat.

  93. These tories councillers are people that’s been sexually abused by there mummy and daddy he is just one of them all they do is talk about fucking pigs or how many times there mummy has had sex with them that’s why there sausages lobs and proper Jankers he won’t last long surely one of are own is gunna del him or nos where he lives give him plenty aggrevatien he’s only a kiddy fiddler can’t you see what he is ..I bet he’s a cat dog fucker but deftly we nos he’s a mummy fucker and daddy proper radgie abused turd anyone nos wher he lives I’m up for for giving him aggrevatien..Terry green ROMANY GIPSY

  94. This man needs the Lord Jesus Christ in his life the bible tells us To pray for those who persecute you ,god is never asleep he sees and hears everything let’s not have hatred in our hearts like him xx

  95. Try has we might no one will ever truly accept us ,, we can talk our hind legs off to the best of our avaiability , I’m exhausted doing it ,, many years ago I worked in an office and because I kept my self to myself and didn’t want to go out with the men the woman I worked for thought I was the other way. I didn’t tell her why because I was brought up to only date my own people . She was a lovely woman and if I was late she would cover for me but never got me !!! I got to know her quite well and I thought the time was right to tell her surely she would not change ,, her face dropped to the ground she turned on a sixpence , i had to leave I was so hurt , I have my own business now , I still see predudice for my people only just this week , I still till this day way up if someone should know who I am where I am from . Put a knife to my throat I AM A GYPSY, my God blessed me x

  96. Well, the long and the short of it is that generally the Gypsy community do themselves no favours. They are at the centre of criminal activity, be it theft, fly tipping, avoiding paying taxes, unlawful land occupation but to name a few. I don’t condone the councillor’s view but Gypsies need to take responsibility.

  97. Execute the evictions you moronic tossers. Attention seeking mischaracterized quote out of context. I never knew white Christians who don’t pay taxes and trespass on other’s hard paid for land get to declare themselves as having their own special race. Bunch of knobs

  98. Racist pig stick a pitch fork up his ass and roast him for the pig he is decent clean living people he picked on the wrong race to comment about

  99. Now he should by rights be made to hand in his resignation that is pc racist if he said that about another Race my god they would be up in arms we should all sign a petition to get him sacked

  100. Now he should by rights be made to hand in his resignation that is pc racist if he said that about another Race my god they would be up in arms we should all sign a petition to get him sacked

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