Tory BIS minister Matt Hancock isn’t having a good 24 hours on Twitter. First he is forced to backtrack after claiming that the government will “close the deficit by 2015”.

And then he re-tweets a limerick stating that the Labour Party is “full of queers”.

Matt Hancock 'full of queers' re-tweet

The ditty went:

The party run by young Ed
Is quietly going quite dead
Bereft of ideas
Quite full of queers
No wonder the faithful have fled

Being forced to delete one tweet could be regarded as a misfortune. Being forced to delete two looks like carelessness.

  1. I wouldn’t take any lectures in truthfulness from someone like Oldseadog who hides behind a pseudonym, rather than giving his proper name. Perhaps he is ashamed of his cowardly comment, because he jolly well should be.
    Would this be the same Hancock who was forced to pay back £1674 recently for misuse of parliamentary stationery. That’s what I would consider queer behaviour, taking something that doesn’t belong to you without their consent.

  2. As the writer of said ditty, can i be expecting a royslty for each time it is used? Also due to limitations of twitter it is a bit misleading as it actually refers to people like special ed who is a very queer fish indeed.

  3. You’re a disgrace to your country. I looked at that forum that you run and it’s loaded with anti Muslim bashing and racial content and that’s just in the sections that are publicly available. And you live in Mersin in Turkey..
    You’re a dunce and a disgrace to the Tory Party.

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