Jeremy Heywood

Cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood has taken to his Civil Service Leaders blog to deliver a patronising beat down to 250,000 civil servants who will strike today.

£200,000-a-year Heywood explains that the spirit of “public service” not only means ignoring an average £2,300 real terms pay cut, but that his own role can be compared with civil servants earning as little as £15,000:

“it’s what motivates all of us to do the best job we can. Whether processing tax returns at Longbenton, issuing driving licences in Swansea, or working with young offenders in Lancaster, everything we do matters because we deliver the services that people rely on.”

Judging by the 38 comments (and counting) on this article from angry staff, blithely insisting that ‘we’re all in this together’ has gone down like a pint of sick.

For some context on that, here is Heywood’s hospitality register for the last 12 months for which data is available, as referenced in the latest Private Eye:

Jeremy Heywood hospitality

Perhaps Heywood should invite some Longbenton staff along next time he’s schmoozed at the opera by City dealmakers. After all, civil servants are in this together, right?

  1. MPs also receive not only a massive wage + expenses payed for by the taxpayer but also meals and drink allowances etc.etc. Which must make them top of pile in benefit claimants. A SERVANT of the PEOPLE or A FEEDER off the PEOPLE, I think we all know which title fits

  2. Just the tories doing what the tories do. Sadly those we expect a little more of, seem to want to do the same. Just as well our morale is so high LOL!

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