The political future of DWP minister Lord Freud hangs in the balance this afternoon — after Labour ambushed the Tories with a recording in which he suggests that disabled people are “not worth the full [minimum] wage”.

The details were released just before PMQs — with Miliband duly challenging David Cameron to sack the millionaire minister.

Scrapbook doesn’t expect to win any popularity contests for pointing this out, but in response David Cameron clearly referenced his disabled son Ivan, who tragically died in 2009 at just six years of age:

“I don’t need lectures from anyone about looking after disabled people. So I don’t want to hear any more of that.”

This comes exactly two weeks after the prime minister invoked his son’s memory as a backstop against criticism of his NHS policies during conference season.

New Statesman and Guardian writer Alex Andreou in 2012:

“Last week David Cameron referred to baby Ivan during Prime Minister’s Questions again. It was the sixth or seventh time he has done so, either obliquely or directly, in response to difficult questions about the NHS or welfare or disability benefits.

“In last week’s PMQs Cameron was asked by Dame Joan Ruddock about cutting the benefits to one of her constituents – a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. In his response he denied that the benefits available to disabled children were being cut (a distinct untruth with regard to new claimants as explained in this factcheck) and continued: “As someone who has actually filled out the form for disability allowance and had a child with cerebral palsy, I know how long it takes to fill in that form.”

“No reference to the girl about whom the question was; no offer to look into her case; no attempt to answer the question. Only an out-of-context reference to Cameron’s dead child, offered as irrefutable proof that his reforms must be right and implied rebuke for daring to question them.

‘My son was disabled. This means your criticism of my government is improper.’

  1. Terry Gregory says:

    And you wonder why people are deserting the left / Labour in droves when they are reduced to making insults about a politicians dead son………….second time you have done this as well.

  2. This is just vile. You people care more about cheap political points than you do the disabled. Have a shred of compassion.

  3. How is this article in any way insulting Cameron’s dead son? It’s horrible when any child is unwell but Cameron having gone through this horrendous ordeal doesn’t make him a universal expert all disabilities and it doesn’t mean that he can’t be questioned about policy….

  4. And you wonder why people are deserting the left / Labour in droves when they are reduced to making insults about a politicians dead son

    Nobody made insults about anybodies dead son!
    Yet every time Cameron is stuck in a corner with issues about the disabled or the nhs he hides behind his dead child like the sick disgusting little coward he is!

    The man is lower than vermin and so are those who try to defend him!!

  5. @ Terry Gregory

    I suggest you read Hansard for todays PMQs.

    The ONLY person who mentioned Cameron’s disabled son was CAMERON

  6. Well done Terry Gregory. About time someone pointed out how distasteful it is to drag personal tragic circumstances into the political arena. Can’t even remember the much maligned Gordon Brown being quite so transparent.

    Cameron is getting to the point where his personal life is affecting his ability to engage with criticism in a rational way. Is that what we need running the country?

  7. This needed saying by someone.

    Congratulations of being brave enough. Isn’t it funny that the media is full of supposed slayers of sacred cows and opponents of political correctness, and I’ve not seen one make this point.

    His child’s terrible fate had no bearing upon whether he can be trusted on health or disability.

  8. TechnicalEphemera says:

    These days every time the Tory party is caught failing on the NHS or disability Cameron seems to invoke Ivan as though that somehow makes it ok.

    It isn’t ok, and repeatedly associating his tragically lost son with Government failures is really really wrong.

  9. If Cameron uses his son as a political shield, he should be criticised. I’m sickened by the fake outrage by Tories when anyone points this out, especially in the light of the grossly insensitive remarks on the disabled by Lord Freud.

  10. I completely agree with Nicky and Chris,,,, he mentions his son,… standing outside the box….. he uses it as a tool to mesmerise our gullibility…… which I find more sickening. David Cameron… NO child should suffer…… but quite honestly it sounds like he has moved on and kept the memory of his child in the here and now to escape coming under question. Its a very bad sign,, and an ill centred man to use his child as a show of what he thinks he has done,,,, Everybody sympathises with a loss…….. but I ask you then….. What about the children of paedophile rings within Westminster, abused even died…. what did he do then?? So sad as losing a child painful for anyone ,,, David Cameron needs to keep that private now. Stand up & stop lying to the public. He is destroying the very service, that nursed and cared for his son till his departing……. & stop killing it NOW. Stop using his Son’s memory as a weapon of excuses…. Apologies if some don’t like my opinion, but camerons toff beginnings were all given as a result of a father who had tax havens and wealthy ones,,,,,, so how can he ever be in touch with the common people… His heart is filled with greed and power,,, one road, his own… cannot sympathise with that,,,,, it is he who uses his sons memory, not I , you, or the public…

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