A Tory MP has used a debate about the NHS to boast about the size of his walk-in wardrobe — saying it is the same size as the staffroom at a local hospital.

Craig Whittaker made the comment after a leaked report revealed that yet more drastic cuts could be on the way for hospitals in the local area.

“I go into our local hospital quite often. I went in literally a year or so ago and was shown the brand new carpet they’ve got in their staff room there. The cost of that carpet … £1,500.

“I’ve just put a carpet in my walk in wardrobe at home — which is not much smaller than that thing there — and it cost me £50.

Local sources in Yorkshire suggest that ostentatious Whittaker’s reference to the size of his changing room may not have been a poorly-judged aside.


Long-standing readers may remember Scrapbook’s report of June 2011, in which we revealed that Whittaker drives around in a sports car with his face printed on the side.

Craig Whittaker's car

The man has since upgraded to a white 2012 Jaguar XF (luxury edition) with the registration ‘WH12SKER’:

Craig Whittaker Jaguar


  1. Stephen Taylor says:

    The irony in this one is very rich, especially as he’s probably claimed for the cost of his carpet on expenses.

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