One of the most remarked elements of Cameron’s conference keynote was the ‘angry’ section, in which he invoked the experience of NHS care for his disabled son, who tragically died in February 2009.

Attacking what he called “complete and utter lies” promulgated at Labour conference last week, the PM jutted his jaw and grimaced:

“I just think: HOW DARE YOU!

“For me, this is personal. I’m someone who’s relied on the NHS and … who knows what it’s like when you go to hospital night after night with a sick child in your arms

“How dare they say that I would ever put that at risk for other people’s children.

In the interests of balance, here are some other disabled children from around the country — a nation in which 40% of children with disabilities live in poverty — who didn’t merit inclusion in his keynote address.

Five year old Reuben Sims requires round-the-clock care and breathes using a ventilator. His mother has been charged £18.40 per week for the ‘spare bedroom’ used to store Reuben’s medical supplies.

Reuben Sims, disabled child hit by Bedroom Tax

Here is Luis Rennie, who suffers from cerebral palsy and is registered blind. He has faces eviction from his family home — specially adapted at a cost of £60,000 — if his mother refuses to pay for the room used to store equipment such as wheelchairs.

Luis Rennie, disabled child and a victim of the Bedroom Tax

And it’s not just the Bedroom Tax which is putting the squeeze on families with disabled children.

A flavour of the impact of austerity on services provided directly by local authorities is given in an analysis of London boroughs by Ambitious About Autism:

  • Cuts to transport services for children with special education needs
  • Cuts to children with disabilities teams
  • Charging for non-statutory services
  • Provision of statutory services at a reduced level

Charities working with deaf and blind children are reporting cuts in specialist services.

Then there’s Universal Credit, which — if Iain Duncan Smith’s team develop the competency to actually implement the policy — will leave 100,000 disabled children worse off by more than £120 per month.

Young people’s charities also face public funding cuts of almost £405 million over the five years to 2015/16 — a greater proportion than the rest of the voluntary sector.

Respite for carers is being slashed, with 8 out 10 family carers telling Mencap that “they have reached breaking point due to a lack of short breaks”:

“When you care for someone 24 hours per day and you know it’s going to be forever, sometimes a short break is your only hope.”

It’s also worth remembering what the Tories have in store for disabled children when they reach adulthood:

Cameron isn’t the only one who is angry.

  1. A rerun of remarks made in the run up to the Scottish referendum by Gordon Brown. There’s nothing too low for politicians. Brown and Cameron should be ashamed of themselves for using their dead children for political purposes.

  2. Philip Burdekin says:

    Cameron really doesn’t care about anyone other than himself and his rich cronies, in fact he hates us sick and disabled people and I dread to think how his sick child would have been cared for. It goes to show that anyone young or old rich or poor, you can become sick and disabled at anytime regardless.

  3. After the repellent treatment of Claire Lally, and this little squirt I would be surprised that people still were ridiculing parents of disabled kids. Then again, that would require a scintilla of compassion before petty political spite which I don’t think the author, Gary, and Philip Burdekin have.

    Then there’s Joan McAlpine MSP who tweeted this, and is receiving a mixed response.


  4. Bernie Redman says:

    My severely mentally disabled son who now needs a wheelchair to get around has been sent home as there is no adequate facilities or staff to cope.he has severe autism and severe learning difficulties.his consign has deteriorated.I am a widow coping alone.respite has been the only place I feel he can be safely looked after
    He becomes an adult soon..
    What happens now? No where suitable for him I’m told there are no vacancies at all.

  5. Bernie Redman says:

    My severely mentally disabled son who now needs a wheelchair to get around has been sent home as there is no adequate facilities or staff to cope.he has severe autism and severe learning difficulties.his condition has deteriorated,he can’t feed dress or wash himself..I am a widow coping alone.respite has been the only place I feel he can be safely looked after
    He becomes an adult soon..
    What happens now? No where suitable for him I’m told there are no vacancies at all.

  6. His speech was to this wavering in his own party, the specter of Boris looms large, and for Cameron it really is “Beware the Ides of May” he may well loose control of NO 10 ( I hope so) he may well loose his job , but his legacy of empowering IDS to terrorize and reduce disabled people to a state of fear, and dread will never be forgiven or forgotten

  7. Scott Wilson says:

    Gary says- There’s nothing too low for politicians. Like Joan & Cameron using disabled kids for point scoring ?

  8. what about harry procko (rip little harry) who was neglected due to nhs by not taking the right stepps to help him while he was sick now a mother and father had to bury little harry and lost their son???? i think u should be ashamed of urself! u care about no one but urself !!!!!!!! everyone who reads this please add rip little harry on fb and sign the petition!!!! thanks AND A BIG NO THANKS TO “DAVID CAMERON”

  9. marika procko says:

    You spitfull little hermit crab ny baby boy Harry procko was killed by the NHS where was HARRYS support left for over 8 hrs sent home to die yes I am angry vile with anger how dare you go on about NHS its you and them that took my life from me and yr Mrs has tears for yr speach you are so far from the truth itd beggers belief where the hell is yr head your hart to usr your son but to kill our babys harry procko was only 4 yrs old I have asked your office for help you ignore me Harry was severly autistic could not walk or talk we did all that for him you disgust me with your bullshit on NHS don’t you dare go on about it as if it the dogs bolloks you have no idea how we the patents of grieving children are left hartbroken with no proper answers and you a father figure yourself you have no right to be a patent who was it left their child behind YOU SOME PARENT I have had my son took away from ne my family no more hugs cuddles kisses I have a grave to talk to not my baby boy Harry no birthdays no chrismas no mothersdsy or fathersday you made sure of that DO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT HARRY PROCKO ????? EXACTLY WHO YOU SELFISH SELFISH MAN YOU EVEN SLATE OUR QUEEN THERE IS NOTHING YOU WOULD STOOP BELOW iF IT MENT YOUR OK

  10. RIP Harry Procko. I do not know the heartache and pain you are suffering but my heart goes out to you. And I agree with your sentiment regarding Cameron and his government. They are all selfish, heartless Scum. They care nothing for anyone other then themselves and their rich friends.

  11. what about the deaf children. their communication support assistants are being cuts by councils, their confident gone .. deaf people are suffering all over uk. without support and ingornant .. we losing jobs as access to work not good at the moment. not enough rules and awareness to companies . we being bullied and a big burden on us. more and more become mental illness and seeing signhealth . the fact is in uk .. 1 in 7 are deaf or hard of hearing. so don,t think that 1 in 7 will vote for cameron for the next five years.. hadn,t thought of that. too much damaged.

  12. Where are the grammar police when one needs them? This comments section is excruciatingly painful to read.

    Here’s a tip – you may well have a good and powerful point but if you want anyone to listen to you then write using real words and discover the pleasures of syntax.

  13. Angela Sandford says:

    Elyss – have you not read the sorrow, anger and passion in these peoples posts? It does not matter HOW words are typed, it just matters that they ARE.

    CaMoron is a monster – our NHS is dying. Children are dying. People aren’t getting the CARE they NEED.

    I’ve lost a son. I also have a son with autism. My heart goes out to his parents.
    RIP little Harry xxxx

  14. Theresa Maleady says:

    I am disgusted at the way the Tories have treated people like myself I have learning difficulties and autism their cuts are very cruel and spiteful. So why Mr Cameron are yoi bringing your dead son up all the time? You just want peopke to sympathize with you. You just want attention stop the sob stories and get out self centred person stop the cuts to things that are vital for us.

  15. Theresa Maleady says:

    R.I.P little Harry I feel for his heart broken parents I hate the Tories I hope one day Mr Cameron will realise what he is doing to the people of Great Britain. There should not be food banks he is the modern day Hitler he must resign and take his scrotum party with him. GO NOW YOU SELFISH MURDERER YOU KILLED MY MUM TOO HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL WE HATE YOU

  16. Antony Wright says:

    My wife is disabled. we are currently waiting for her to be assessed by government. We fear that they will take her disability money off her. If that happens she will be housebound as we will lose her disability car. She was awarded a LIFE disability but that now means nothing. We also have to pay bedroom tax. We have had many adaptations made to our home. Who would foot the bill to have them installed in a different house? We couldn’t. Im also partially deaf so am having to learn to cope with that. On top of that I have an autistic granddaughter. our local education department refuses to accept that she needs to be statemented.
    Camaron forgets – he had 2 nannies looking after his disabled child. He has no concept of what it really means to look after a disabled person on his own. All he sees is a load of money wasters who he has no intention of helping out. Well what about the carers? Many of us are in poverty to care for those he wont help. We save the country billions of pounds a year yet what does he want to do? Take more money off us.

  17. ANYONE who comes on here and criticises distressed people posting here about their SPELLING, or their GRAMMAR ffs – needs to have a good sit down and look at themselves. Why? Because you clearly haven’t taken even a tenth of a second to first ask yourself
    > does this REALLY need saying?
    > is this an appropriate time to say it? (when someone has just shared their pain and anguish with the whole world – because anyone can read this page)
    > it’s all talking about bad deals for people with disabilities on this page – how did it not occur to you that there are many, many possible reasons why someone might be UNABLE to write to your satisfaction? And that they are NOT NOT NOT writing for your satisfaction? And that you should now apologise to anyone you’ve thus humiliated here?

  18. None of this is news. This selfish government, made up of over-priveleged Eton educated bully boys, have run rough-shod over us all for the last 5 years. Its always the people without a voice to speak up for themselves who suffer. I am a wheelchair user myself and face cuts in my disability allowances if they stay in power. Speak with one voice, and vote them out next year. All those parents who’s little angels have suffered and died, speak up for them by getting this lot out…

  19. I can’t believe that the author of this article has taken exception to David Cameron’s comments about his son. How could he possible account for every disabled child? Ridiculous! Why isn’t he allowed to use his own personal experiences to add weight to what he is saying. Socialists for once stop being entrenched and listen for what is being said rather than translating it into another opportunity to have a go.

  20. Bill Steele says:

    I’m astonished that a millionaire would have the brazenness to claim benefits for his child and then deprive the poorest children of benefits.

  21. Cameron, just do everyone a favour and go. You have done NOTHING good for this country, its no longer GREAT BRITAIN!! YOU have made sure of that.

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