A brilliant spot from the Telegraph’s Matthew Holehouse: Miliband’s delivery doesn’t match up with the online version.

Scrapbook actually makes it nine paragraphs — including key messages on the deficit and immigration:

Here’s the hard truth: the Tories have no plan for the future for you and your family. That’s why we need Labour’s plan for Britain’s future.

And in the four years since we lost the last election, we have learnt hard, important lessons. They start with government having to live within its means. If people feel cynical now — and they do — think how much worse it would be if we made false promises.

There won’t be money to spend after the next election. Britain will be spending £75 billion on the interest on our debt alone. That’s more than the entire budget for our schools.

So as Ed Balls announced yesterday, Labour’s plan is based on a tough new approach. Eliminating the deficit as soon as possible in the next parliament. Getting the national debt falling. And no proposals for additional borrowing.

We will get the deficit down.

The next Labour government will deal with our nation’s debts. And it is because government won’t have the money to spend, it is more important than ever that everyone does their bit so we change Britain together.

One Nation Labour has changed from New Labour — businesses have a responsibility to pay their taxes, respect their customers and treat their workers fairly.

Because together we can and on our own we can’t. Those who can work have a responsibility to do so. Because together we can and on our own we can’t.

Immigration benefits our country but those who come here have a responsibility to learn English and earn their way. And employers have a responsibility not to exploit migrant workers and undercut wages.

Because together we can and on our own we can’t. Government, business, working people acting together. Living up to their responsibilities. A new ethic. A national effort. Labour’s plan for Britain’s future.

Having delivered an 80-minute speech from memory, Miliband can be forgiven skipping a section.

But it doesn’t help that the bits missed out relate to key election issues.

  1. Those that cannot work have a duty to what end their lives, what an idiotic leader he is, he even forgets to tell us any of this when it’s supposed to be so important.

    We may as well let the Tories carry on to be honest.

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