• Report: no real-terms wage rise until 2017
  • Lowest 10% of earners have seen £300 cut since 2008
  • Poorest not seeing benefits of ‘recovery’
  • Sajid Javid denies link between wages and income tax receipts

With a report from Ernst & Young warning that families face a “lost decade” with real wages in the deep freeze, cabinet minister Sajid Javid — formerly a junior minister in Osborne’s Treasury — drops a clanger on the Daily Politics:

Andrew Neil: The reason why you’re not able to cut the deficit is because income tax receipts are barely rising … because ordinary people in this country are going through a huge squeeze on their wages. They’re falling in real terms. They’re not paying the tax you thought.

People are suffering. That’s the reason.

Sajid Javid: No, I don’t accept that.

Having offered some platitudes to those facing “challenges”, he then tried to blame the Exchequer’s flatlining tax take entirely on income tax cuts.

  1. This is typical Tory-speak. Their heads are so far up their own arses that they don’t have a clue about what’s happening in the real world. I’d make them and their families, live for a month (not just a week like some TV programmes) on a ‘sink’ estate, and with just basic benefits to iive on.
    Then we might see a little more compassion.

  2. No, Anonymous, what we would see would be even more strenuous and fanciful denials. The only solution is to give them a reality check at the ballot box next Spring.

  3. Andrew Hennessey says:

    c/o Companies House Are you sure that there is a majority of people in England who vote Tory ?

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