Even today’s partial Lib Dem U-turn on the Bedroom Tax was executed with the most odious smugness imaginable — with their MPs falling over themselves to suggest that they had wanted to act against the injustice of the policy all along.

‘Breaking news, proles! We’re no longer total bastards!’

He cancelled all his meetings today. But the business secretary didn’t even turn up when a motion was brought to axe the hated tax last November:

As for Jo Swinson, she voted to keep it:

As did Malcom Bruce.

Jenny Willott must have forgotten about that time she was a teller for the government, counting the votes supporting the tax:

Annette Brooke is ‘so pleased’ she finally located where the voting lobbies are (she seemed to go missing last November):

The line: ‘we acted to defeat the evil Tories over the Bedroom Tax’.

Just in time for those election leaflets!

  1. First Ruth Davidson states that its unlikely the Tories will “form the next government” without getting kicked in the arse by ‘call me Dave’. Then, as Ed Milliband tours Scotland, we have the Labour and Lib Dem Parties claiming to have saved Scots from the Bedroom Tax (although a united Holyrood already dealt with it). Election time? No, but there’s the small matter of a referendum to deal with in 12 days time…

  2. Did you know that the bill voted for in favour is almost identical to the one Stockport Lib Dems have had for the Lib Dem council for years?

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