Nick Clegg Bedroom Tax

You’ll need to brace yourself for the latest Lib Dem wheeze as they attempt to back away from the Bedroom Tax in time for May 2015. Are you ready?

In a page posted to their national party website earlier, Labour councils are accused of deliberately botching the implementation of the Bedroom Tax in order to make them look bad!

“many Labour councils chose to punish their residents to score political points”

So there was no problem with the policy, but opposition councillors conspired to screw over the disabled and other vulnerable people in their own boroughs, just to get one over on Nick Clegg.


  1. But but,Nick Clegg,of the Alarm Clock Britain speech.You know,the one were he said something about those lazy plebs that stay in their beds while Hard Workers tootle of to work.

    And not forgetting Nick Clegg’s support for IDS and his Universal Cock Up,sorry Credit.Were Clegg come to Mr IDS aide at a meeting with Cameron and Osbourne etc.Clegg banged his head,sorry fist on the desk and demanded,sorry begged CMD to let IDS and his Pogrom carry on.

    Clegg is up to his neck,along with the Tories on the attack on the most vulnerable in this country.That is why his party is in terminal decline for the foreseeable future.Thank Goodness.

  2. Just like the Tories they cannot take any responsibility for anything that has been a failure. Blame, blame, blame anyone else but themselves. Do they really think we are that stupid to ever believe them ever again. Just wondered if they have hired the same spin doctors as the Tories (Place blame on anything or anyone but yourself.) Britain deserves political rulers with some moral fibre and honesty.

  3. Actually, there is more than a grain of truth in the allegation – councils could utilise discretion but have not done so, thereby heaping opprobrium on the Conservatives. That said, the
    triumvirate of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are all third-raters!

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