This one won’t help ‘English meeja’/Scots nationalist relations — especially after Sky News owner Murdoch bottled a ‘Yes’ endorsement in the Scottish Sun.

Broadcasting from Scotland, Kay Burley had some fun shaming a “lairy” independence campaigner, who she claimed “wants to take us off air”.

What she didn’t realise, however, is that she had just been broadcast calling him “a bit of a knob” in an aside presumably intended for the ears of producers in London.


  1. I suppose the lady in question is what passes for a journalist these days. She’s not really in George Orwell’s league, is she?

  2. Not very informed, is she. Protesting about “the English”? Do these media people actually know what the campaign is about?

    Shame that the broadcaster seems to want to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Perhaps they think that’s all their viewers can cope with.

  3. Oh and the details underneath the screen picture are wrong, by the way, and therefore misleading. There will not be further powers devolved to the Scots if we vote no. Westminster has to agree to any extra powers, and the Tories will be blocking any attempts to grant them. So it’s Yes or No for the referendum.

  4. What planet do journalists come from these days. Scottish Independence is not anti England. England may well grow incredibly from the surge in interest in a political solution. 90% have registered to vote here. Funny that after all these months of seeing next to no No campaigners, the tv manages to find them everywhere.

  5. Who needs to throw eggs when Kay Burley is this capable of egging her own face!!! “Campaigning against England”, “he’s a knob”, “they have horns here too” little wonder we Scots want to distance ourselves from such idiots!!!

  6. As a Scot currently living in England what strikes me is how strident and hectoring “YES” campaigners and supporters have been. My wife is just back from Glasgow and she was shocked and saddened by the deep rift their behaviour has caused in Scotland with their intolerance, intimidation and bullying. Nasty Nationalist movements the world over have used such tactics throughout history. Lets hope the people living in Scotland ignore such nationalists tirade of hate and vote to stay in UK!

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