Elements of the #IndyRef Yes campaign seem to be operating some form of blitzkrieg against visiting English politicians.

With Ed Miliband supposed to be doing a walkabout/stump speech in an Edinburgh shopping centreLabourList editor Mark Ferguson describes the moment when “all hell broke loose”:

“Despite having been arranged at short notice, there were Yes campaigners there shouting loudly. Whilst the Yes campaign may write this kind of thing off as a few rogue campaigners, this could only have been organised – considering the number of people there and how quickly they’d congregated.

It then became apparent that Miliband would be speaking inside:

“Yes supporters started shouting and running inside, followed by No supporters. Pushing and shoving commenced. I saw an old lady knocked to one side and a mother yell as her pushchair was almost toppled.

The video also offers us a peek behind the curtain, with staffers discussing how to rescue the situation:

“Why don’t you bring some people in?”
“I can’t because you’re in the middle of the f**cking shot, aren’t you!”

  1. David S Briggs says:

    Sorry is this some sort of joke piece trying to tarnish the ‘Yes’ campaign prior to the vote? Perish the thought.

    All I can say is you really are putting out some desperate stuff with this one. Did anyone throw an egg? No? can’t have been to serious then.

    Quite funny and pathetic in a sad sort of way.

  2. “trying to tarnish the ‘Yes’ campaign”?
    They are doing that all by themselves.

    I say send the fucking troops in!

  3. How awful and terrible of the yes campaign to dare to be organised! I notice the article doesn’t tell us if it was the yes or no campaigners who were shoving the old lady etc.
    Seems to me the No campaign are getting pretty desperate as even with all the main parties and media backing them, the momentum is with the yes vote.

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