Iain Duncan Smith laughing

Suffice it to say that DWP are cock-a-hoop with the latest employment stats — turning the @dwppressoffice Twitter into a blizzard of pre-prepared infographics.

But there was another set of figures released today which they seem less keen on highlighting: Universal Credit. To August 2014 they’ve had 13,260 starters on the new benefit — a mere 986,740 behind their original goal for April of this year.

They’re even 170,740 behind their revised target of 184,000.

But that doesn’t matter to Iain Duncan Smith. He and his ministers are telling anyone that will listen that the implementation of his flagship policy is “stable and on track”.

Iain Duncan Smith (1 September): “it is stable and on track”

Mark Harper (10 September): “the Universal Credit Programme was stable and on track”

Mark Harper (11 September): “We are on track with this plan and we are making good progress.”

That’s because the whole thing has been given a ‘reset’ rating by the Major Projects Authority.

This is Sir Humphrey code for: ‘the whole thing is so f***ed that we might as well throw it in the bin and start from scratch’.

  1. Lying Duncan Smith is Britains version of Comical Ali,who rose to fame in the Iraq War.Smith must have read Goebbels book on Propaganda.

    Smith would make Billy Liar blush with his outright lies,dodgy statistics and his I Believe I am right routine.And we pay this cretin as a Secretary of State.

  2. The number of unemployed is irrelevant with Conservative policies. Most have been forced into minimum wage slavery or zero-hour contracts.

  3. Landless Peasant says:

    Hang the evil bald headed bastard by his fucking neck until the cunt is dead, then chop his head off, then shoot the fucking cunt just to make sure. Ordinarily a stake through the heart would be called for, but in his case he has no heart.

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