David Cameron and Alex Salmond

The media have made much of the existential threat presented to David Cameron’s career in the event that the ‘No’ campaign lose the referendum. But before the polls tightened dramatically it was Salmond who getting asked about quitting.

He told reporters in September:

“No. We will continue to serve out the mandate we have been given and that applies to the SNP always. It applies to me – all of us.”

But one of his MPs in London didn’t get the memo, however, telling the New Statesman’s George Eaton that Salmond “could step down by November” if the unionist campaign triumphs. Unlike Cameron, however, Salmond would get out with his reputation intact — and indeed would probably be lionised for having forced a shift in the constitutional dynamics of the union against the efforts (if not the best efforts) of the Westminster establishment.

And unlike the Tories, the SNP have a ready made successor to their leader in the form of Nicola Sturgeon.

Picture: Surian Soosay

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