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The death of a disabled cancer patient was hastened after the Bedroom Tax forced her to move, her family have claimed. 52 year-old Janet Mandeville, who died last month, could not afford the extra £12 per week needed to stay in her two-bedroom bungalow.

Her daughter told the West Briton the hated policy left Mrs Mandeville without access to her support network — which had been vital for managing her conditions:

“When she moved, all the people who were around her weren’t there any more. She was on her own.

“It was too much for her; she couldn’t handle it.

Mrs Mandeville received some Discretionary Housing Payments — but only until she was moved to a smaller property. Interviewed by the same paper while she was still alive, Mrs Mandeville, who also suffered from depression and anxiety, said:

“I became so distressed trying to think of ways I could stay in my two-bed bungalow, I actually had a seizure in February and was taken to hospital for tests.

All MPs knew of such cases — but the tax enjoyed Commons support until a vote less than two weeks ago.

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  1. What a shame those 46 MP’s in labour did not turn up to vote then, it would have lost that vote and now the bedroom tax would be gone. but labour decided for what ever reason not to to turn up others abstained.

    I suspect labour were in agreement until the polls and media went against it then Miliband decided to throw it out, Progress seems to love the media it decides where Miliband goes.

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