UKIP's security proposals for Bristol City Hall

A UKIP councillor has demanded that airport-style security be installed at Bristol City Hall to protect him from “disruptive” members of the general public.

In a letter to the Lord Mayor and party group leaders Cllr Michael Frost has provided a shopping list of new equipment and procedures:

  • Professional bouncers should be employed by the council
  • The public should have to pass through metal detectors to protect councillors
  • Visitors must apply in advance to sit in the public gallery and watch council meetings
  • Visitors should be subjected to security screening

The pretext for these ridiculous demands is a recent action by pro-Gaza protesters in the public gallery, which saw them “chant support for their cause briefly before being told to leave.” Cllr Frost whinged:

“How easy would it be to enter the public gallery, with a projectile, or God forbid a firearm?”

Perhaps he should ask Nigel Farage, who wants to legalise handguns.

  1. Once again, UKIP has failed to convince the public that they are a party of Libertarianism. With advocacy for biometric surveillance to top off their dogma(s) of racism, sexism and homophobia, one can do nothing but laugh and secretly worry.

  2. Councillor Michael Frost says:

    I have just read this rubbish,
    How does all this look a couple of months down the line, mass murder in paris,? and the council has employed security, as I suggested, yes i am a licenced firearms owner, but i have no intention or inclanation to go looning across the city shooting innocent members of the public i

    Neither am I a racist , sexist, or homophobe, its people like you and you cohorts we need to be worried about, who knows what sick, twisted ideals you harbour.

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