UKIP 50th anniversary of hanging

From a UKIP press release:

“The death penalty should be re-introduced for some offenders, says one of UKIPs newest Euro-MPs, on the 50th anniversary of Britain’s last execution.”

Challenged over potential miscarriages of justice, Louise Bours MEP — who for some reason changed her name from the foreign-sounding ‘Van de Bours’ during her rise through the UKIP ranks — ranted on Granada News that hanging should be re-introduced for murderers “whose guilt is not in dispute”:

“We can reel the names off: Whiting, Bellfield, errr … eh … errr … the two people who murdered Lee Rigby so horribly.”

Bours claimed that “There has been no debate about capital punishment for a decade” and that “We should now debate this in parliament”. No debate … apart from the time Guido Fawkes’ hanging e-petition received widespread coverage in the national press.

It would likely have resulted in a Commons debate — had it not been struck off after it failed to garner the required number of signatures.

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