• Tory councillor ‘liked’ Facebook status calling hoping for “very long and painful” beheading of Ed Miliband
  • Responded “LOL … utter scum” to suggestion Emily Thornberry MP “deserved a lethal dose of heroin”

Cllr Neil Cohen on Ed Miliband and Emily Thornberry

A Tory councillor from Essex has refused to quit after appearing to endorse violence against public figures who have criticised Israel over the Gaza conflict. Cllr Neil Cohen of Buckhurst Hill Council ‘liked’ the following remark from a friend

“I hope that when the jihadist vermin take over and start the slaughter, [Ed Miliband’s] beheading is a very long and painful one you utter, utter, utter C***.”

… before responding:

“Npw [sic] u know why im a conservative councilor. …lol”

When another contributor then dropped the C-bomb on “junkie” Russell brand, adding of Labour front bencher Emily Thornberry …

“if there was ever a person who deserved a lethal dose of heroin”

… Cohen responded:

“Lol…brand n that labour mp…utter scum”

His excuse?

He says it was “supposed to be a private conversation”.

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