• Front page comparing transsexual to pantomime dame pulled
  • Former boxing promoter attempted to commit suicide
  • Echoes of U-turn over ‘Bonkers Bruno’ splash

The Sun front page swap on Kellie Maloney

The Sun have quietly dropped a front page headline comparing a transsexual woman to a pantomime dame. Kellie Maloney — formerly the boxing promoter Frank Maloney — had attempted to taker her own life over the turmoil prompted by her condition.

“Frankly I Don’t Give A Dame / Sex-op Maloney Defiant” had been swapped out for “Maloney: I tried to kill myself / Sex-op Legend’s Agony”. The move was likely prompted by the sympathetic coverage, errrr, everywhere else — including at red top rival Sunday Mirror who ran a column on ‘facts and myths about transsexualism’.

The lead of the story has also been ditched. At 10pm it read:

“Former boxing promoter Frank Maloney has taken a swipe at “idiots” who criticised his plans to have a sex-change op.

“The 61-year old dad of thee announced he was born “in the wrong body” and is now living as a woman called Kellie.

The paper have swapped this for a more sympathetic intro focusing on her attempted attempted suicide, with Tom Barnes joining James Beal on the byline:

“Ex-boxing promoter Frank Maloney considered suicide while trying to cope with a secret life as a woman, it was revealed last night.

“The 61 year-old dad of three — now living as Kellie while awaiting a sex op — is said to have taken a cocktail of booze and pills.

It’s poignant that one of the paper’s most notorious mis-steps — in which ‘Sad [Frank] Bruno in Mental Health Home’ was substituted for ‘Bonkers Bruno Locked Up’  — was also related to boxing.

  1. It doesn’t matter how many variations of criticism of their misanthropic, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic and homophobic headlines and stories there are – like shaving the spots off a leopard is pointless – the ideas are fixed deep within.

    Which is one of the reasons we can only police it – and why Leveson is necessary.
    the Sun damages lives of people who cannot sue for damages.

  2. Transporter001 says:

    As a straight male supporter of transgender rights it goes without saying that I would be disgusted at the Sun’s portrayal of Frank Warren and his transition however they try to dress up or disguise it.
    However, Frank ought to be feeling somewhat ashamed of himself at his gay-bashing past. The boot’s on the other foot now Frank, I wonder what it will feel like to have some socially retarded sections of the community criticise you for ‘openly flaunting your sexuality’, probably the same as it felt for gays when certain socially retarded individuals were doing the same.

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