With A-level grades dropping for the first time in over 30 years, the mainstream media seem to have missed an even bigger story: the almost complete absence of male entrants for the qualifications.

The creators of the (now retired) Sexy A-Levels Tumblr have previously set out the magic formula for picture agencies and newspaper picture desks:

“The Platonic ideal being the following elements, in this order: 1) Blonde 2) Twins 3) Going to Oxbridge 4) Leaping for joy 5) Holding aloft their results 6) In low-cut tops).”

First up, The Express. Number of teenage girls: 6 / number of teenage boys 0 (and Rolf)

Sexy A-levels: Express

The Sun: 3 teenage girls, 0 teenage boys.

Sexy A-levels 2014: The Sun (updated)

The Times: 2 teenage girls, plus 3 on the next image panel (5 total), 0 teenage boys.

Sexy A-levels 2014: The Times

The Mirror: teenage girls: 2, teenage boys: 0 (we’re not counting the blurry)

Sexy A-levels 2014: The Mirror

The Telegraph: number of teenage girls 3, number of teenage boys 0

Sexy A-levels 2014: The Telegraph

The Guardian is a tricky one. They’ve with teenage girls — but might salvage some of their right-on credentials for going with Muslims, one wearing a hijab. Teenage girls 3, teenage boys 0.

Sexy A-levels 2014: Guardian

Wow. The Mail HAS A BOY — outweighed by 16 girls.

Sexy A-levels 2014: The Mail

The Independent: 6 teenage girls, 0 teengage boys — plus bonus blonde points.

Sexy A-levels 2014: Independent

The final score: girls 44, boys 1.

  1. You assume all 44 girls identify as female, and you insinuate that showing a disproportionate amount of “girls” is a bad thing

    I don’t think you know what your point is, other than having a dig at the mainstream media at the cost of promoting the patriarchy

    Are you an MRA, Laurence? You sound like an MRA

  2. Teh Mansplainer says:

    Are you a feminist lolwut? I’m appalled that anyone could openly identify as a feminist these days, wandering around reciting your religious incantations about “patriarchy” and “rape culture”, brandishing your dworkin icons and your frankfurt school apologism.

    Disgusting people really who shouldn’t be left alone with minors. Being a feminist should be disqualification for any role which might involve children, and preferably anything that can’t defend itself vigorously.

  3. Tanya Hawkes says:

    I also have no clue which comments are meant to be ironic here. “feminists shouldn’t be allowed around children/showing media obsession with teenage girls is the patriarchy..” are you all living in an irony vortex?

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