George Galloway with Uri Geller

After storming out of a university event last year when he realised the student he was debating with was Israeli, Bradford MP George Galloway has decided to declare the city an “Israel free zone”:

“We don’t want any Israeli goods. We don’t want any Israeli services. We don’t want any Israeli academics, coming to the university or the college. We don’t even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford if any of them had thought of doing so.”

Galloway declared “I don’t debate with Israelis” following his campus fit of pique. While he doesn’t debate with them, he is happy to pose arm-in-armprovided they are famous enough.

Spoon interferer Uri Geller is not only a well-known Israeli national but a former IDF paratrooper and a veteran of the Six-Days War. You can read his account of shooting a Jordanian soldier in Ramallah here.

It’s almost as though George Galloway is some kind of massive opportunist.

  1. Miss Castello says:

    “it’s almost as though George Galloway is some kind of massive opportunist”.

    So what does publishing this pile of shite make you? Not much, in my eyes; and I would guess, quite a few more, of those of us who strongly support the Palestinian cause. So why do it? Who were you hoping to hurt? The people of Gaza? Their present suffering not enough for you? It won’t do them any good, will it? And where’s the context in all this? A photo going back G-d knows how long (George had hair! – looks twenty years younger) – how does that relate to now? Do you actually know what Gellers views were when that photo was taken? Does it even matter? Or do you automatically assume he was ‘pro israel’ THEN, because it suits your agenda NOW? Whatever Geller was or wasn’t at the time, at least he had enough moral compass to express remorse for the killing of an Arab soldier, which is more than the present day toddler killers have ever done: (apart from ‘Breaking The Silence’ that is, since they ‘saw the light’). If Galloway happens to get snapped next to one of them will you have another go, a few years from now, to discredit the man any way you can? Despite the superhuman effort he’s put in to seeing justice for Palestine? Or is that not your concern? Doesn’t look like it, does it? When it comes to ‘The Most Moral Army’ and illegally occupied Gaza, whose side are you on? When I signed up to ‘Political Scrapbook’ I expected honest, eporting, not the cheap, tacky hacks you’ve shown yourselves to be. Live & Learn’.

  2. Galloway is clearly an opportunist, and he’s leveraged hatred of Jews for the last decade-plus to support his political career.

    And Castello — as for Gaza, it’s not occupied — it’s under the control of a democratically-elected “Palestinian” government, Hamas. And it’s a great example of what a “Palestinian state” would look like — corrupt, poor, a festering cesspool of extremist rhetoric, with broadcast television stations that encourage parents to transform their children into suicide bombers.

    The first thing they did was launch a war with the Israelis, firing thousands of rockets at civilian areas. Israel returned fire, Hamas got its butt handed to it, and the same “Palestinians” who started the war now complain that they’re getting slaughtered.

    Boo hoo. Nobody cares. The Israelis have every right — and indeed a responsibility — to destroy the launchers. If they’re in schools, hospitals, town squares, mosques, doesn’t matter. If “Palestine” doesn’t want those places targeted, they should stop firing rockets from them.

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