Claudia Dalgleish and Mark Reckless MP

A fun day out was had by all at the Rochester and Strood Conservative Association annual summer garden party at the weekend. Here one attendee is pictured beaming alongside local MP Mark ‘I was too drunk to vote on the budget’ Reckless.

This certainly isn’t the first time that the woman in question has been pictured with one of the country’s, errr, leading politicians:

Claudia Dalgleish with Nick Griffin and Simon Darby

Nick Griffin and Claudia Dalgleish

Claudia Dalgleish and Nick Griffin

Sometime glamour model (SFW) Claudia Dalgleish was a senior BNP operative who claimed to have conducted a dirty tricks operation against some of the party’s own members at the behest of now former leader Nick Griffin.

We trust that Mrs Reckless was in attendance to moderate Dalgleish’s ‘hands on’ approach to photographs with top political figures.

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