The BNP doesn’t have many councillors left after its mid-noughties surge but those that have managed to cling on — usually on parish and town councils — are a charming bunch. Foremost among them is Dawn Charlton, a town councillor in Cumbria who looks to have been sent straight from central casting.

Dawn Charlton BNP

Cllr Charlton has been the star of several fundraising emails for the cash-strapped party after she was charged with racially aggravated harassment over leaflets which the prosecution alleged likened Polish leaflet deliverers to “monkeys”. The case was dropped by the Crown last November.

A post on the BNP website and email to supporters reveals that Charlton has once again been charged by Cumbria Constabulary:

“the DAY BEFORE the European Elections [Labour Party councillors and activists] took the decision that a month earlier they had suffered “alarm or distress” by words said to them – four men – by Dawn all by herself.

“So ‘distressed’ that it took the four of them a whole month to recover and make a complaint on a day that just happened to be the eve before elections!

Not only have the Crown Prosecution Service have told Scrapbook that the alleged offence took place on 4 May, some 17 days (not a month) before the BNP suggest the complaint was made, but the selective write-up is also conveniently vague about the precise nature of the charge.

Nothing to do with it being ‘racially aggravated’, then.

  1. David S Briggs says:

    “likened Polish leaflet deliverers to “monkeys”

    Met a few Polish folk up here in Scotland and all have told me enthusiastically that they will be voting ‘Yes’ in the September Referendum. Always found them to be friendly, warm hearted people.

    We welcome ‘foreigners’ in Scotland ……Poles included.

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