• Theresa May’s top official quizzed over missing ‘abuse files’
  • Mark Sedwill commissioned report into location of material
  • But he hasn’t even viewed the names of missing files himself
  • Identity of the sole investigator to view the material is secret

Having made a confident start, Theresa May’s top official, Home Office permanent secretary Mark Sedwill, clearly does not have a grasp of the detail when quizzed on his department’s ‘missing’ child abuse files.

This does not augur well for the investigations May set up yesterday.

  1. Just another example of why Westminster and the British Establishment is a complete and utter dog’s breakfast – it is like an episode of Yes Prime Minister…. this is why the UK Parliament is failing and has now nearly lost the UK electorate’s last shreds of goodwill.

    The UK political system is no longer fit for purpose; corrupt, venal, self involved and seeks to set itself above the law. How dare the British Establishment from the Crown down, protect evil men who preyed on young boys and girls because it ‘did not want a scene made’. How Parliament dare say this is how things were done in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, that the reputation of Parliament was more important than the law of the land.

    This is the political system and British Establishment that is trying to persuade Scots to vote ‘No’ in September. A No vote which in effect condones the cover up of peadophiles and worse in an unreformed Westminster which remains misogynistic, plutocratic and oligarchic den iniquity of little or no real talent.

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