• PM wants more Russia sanctions after 283 deaths in MH17 disaster
  • Government wants to target “crony group” around Vladimir Putin
  • But wife of ex-Russian minister has pledged £160k to Tories
  • Lubov Chernukhin bid on tennis match with Cameron and Boris

David Cameron Boris Johnson tennis

David Cameron’s call for more sanctions against Russia could have set himself on collision course with fundraisers in his own party. While the PM is set to join EU leaders in calling for punitive financial measures against Moscow after flight MH17 was downed over Ukraine — the wife of a senior former Putin minister pledged £160,000 to the party at a recent black tie dinner.

Lubov Chernukhin, the wife of Vladimir Chernukhin, won the auction to participate in “the ultimate tennis match” between David Cameron and Boris Johnson. Vladimir Chernukhin was the Russian president’s deputy finance minister.

Having initially denied that Mr Chernukhin was the successful bidder, the Conservative Party were then forced to admit that the winner was actually his wife. Her law firm Carter Ruck issued the following statement:

“Mr Chernukhin attended the Hurlingham Club event with his wife, Lubov Chernukhin … Mrs Chernukin is a Conservative party member and supporter. Mrs Chernukhin bid on the lot to which you refer. Mrs Chernukhin’s bid was successful.”

Philip Hammond yesterday suggested that sanctions could target “the so-called crony group around President Putin”.

Does that also include cronies that are giving money to the Tories?

  1. eriic codling says:

    This tory government is far worse than the Thatcher government, and that was realy bad..
    This lot are lying, cheating, two faced, real nasty pieces of work.
    The sooner they are voted out the better.

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