Jacob Rees-Mogg

He may be a comedy Tory toff — but Jacob Rees-Mogg is perfectly capable of rolling up his sleeves to, errr, oppose a planning application in his rural constituency. The Somerset MP boasted on his website in March:

“I wrote to the Secretary of State on behalf of these constituents, urging him to reject these applications in light of local opposition and the party’s stance on greenbelt planning and I am delighted that he has done so.”

Four months later, however, the Old Etonian seems to have lost his fighting spirit, saying of a proposal to tarmac over a field next to a tiny village:

“I want people to understand that I can’t control planning issues”

Scrapbook wonders whether the identity of the applicant (one Lady Gillian Rees-Mogg) could have bearing on his now tepid response. His mother has already had an application to build 19 homes on a greenfield site rejected — so she’s trying again with eight.

As if the founding of a protest group called Peasants Revolting Against Mogg (PRAM) wasn’t clear enough for him, the former banker told the local press that he found out what locals really thought by ‘going to the pub’. The Western Daily Press reports:

“he visited the village pub, in an attempt to gauge feelings. Apparently the subject of his mother’s planning proposal did not come up while he was there.”

This is probably as accurate as one of Lord Ashcroft’s polls.

  1. Did Nanny drive him in the Bentley to the village pub ? – Did he call the bingo when he was there ? . He’s like something out of a BBC Costume Drama !

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