Iain Duncan Smith: liar, pants on fire

Collective head scratching at how Iain Duncan Smith has managed to keep his job at DWP. Two theories are doing the rounds. First: his special adviser doing a Dom Jolly on a train back from a ministerial visit, telling the whole carriage that he’s moving …

Iain Duncan Smith: adviser phone call on train

Second: so compelling is the evidence of Universal Credit’s failure that any new secretary of state would be unable to establish their credibility without admitting to grave problems with the system — inevitably adding to the chorus of claims that Duncan Smith has repeatedly misled parliament.

Either way, we’ve got more of this to look forward to:

And this isn’t even touching on the Bedroom Tax.

  1. HumanityForever says:

    This Whole Pahlava Wrecking the Welfare State in Favour of Slave Labour and Oppression
    has got to Stop

    People had to Struggle to get the Welfare State Established which took place in 1945
    and after with the Defeat of the Nazis

    People have Suffered too Long Stop Universal Credit and Stop Torment masquerading as
    ” Therapy ” being Forced on People to get ESA

  2. HumanityForever says:

    Netherless a Resignation as Secretary of State For Work and Pensions Need’s to take Place

    Policies have been Disastrous since May 2010

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