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With Nick Griffin standing down as chairman of the BNPapparently to save face following an election wipeout in May — here’s everything you need to know about the party’s new leader, Adam Walker:

  • For a start, he’s a convicted drink driver
  • Narrowly avoided prison after driving his Land Rover over a village green in pursuit of 11 year-old children, then slashing their bicycle tyres with a stanley knife. Then working as a secondary school teacher, Walker was banned from the profession for life over this incident.
  • In a previous standards hearing, Walker was found to have posted racist messages on the internet during a lesson. He used the username “Corporal Fox” to suggest a military link.
  • Wore military fatigues to falsely suggest he was a serving member of armed forces — before admitting he was no such thing.
  • Called Britain a “multicultural shithole”.

While the handover was at least partly by mutual consent (rather than a coup) this will be unwelcome news for for a number of BNP officials which rely on Griffin for patronage — and threatens to further destabilise the party.

It’s great to see the BNP led by a man with such convictions … for, errr, drink driving, dangerous driving and possessing a bladed instrument.

UPDATE: A previous version of this story stated that Walker had never served in the armed forces but Scrapbook has subsequently discovered that he had — as a tank crewman in the Royal Armoured Corps from 1985 to 1990. This failed to keep him out of trouble, however, with a military charity criticising his use of desert fatigues in an appearance alongside Nick Griffin in April 2010. This came just days after the government introduced stricter guidelines on the use of military uniforms in a political context.

  1. Patrick Roden says:

    At a time when people are aware that the Westminster Elite from all parties have been abusing children for years, I don’t think this is a good time to be bringing up drink driving to show that someone is not fit to lead a party, or participate in politics.

    I wasn’t even aware that Nick Griffin had resigned from the BNP and I am keen on politics, so it shows how unimportant the BNP have become.

    Why Bother?

  2. We should be aware that the Far Right is on the march throughout Europe, and the BNP is just part of that. While its good news that the BNP appears to have hit the buffers, with the loss of both of their Euro seats and most of the popular vote that they used to have, the departure of one racist in the form of Griffin doesn’t mean that the issue has gone away. In fact, Griffin is seen as a moderate in BNP terms and the new leader is far from that. Better the devil you know perhaps !

  3. ofcourse senior Labour and Tory politicians are completely decent,honest and above board and if you have a dossier that says the opposite Special Branch will lean on you and the dossier “lost”

  4. Five years as a tank crewman isn’t being a “fake soldier”; disgusting that you would say so.

  5. Not sure about the 5 years as a tank crewman, but what is disgusting is his lifetime pursuit of being a prize nazi twunt…

  6. Adam does not support PIE LIKE Harriet Harman or abuse children like ‘Cerel Smith’ and a long line of Labour and conservative MP’s, he does speak his mind, however, and is successfully reorganising the BNP to be able to make a difference in politics. The alternative to Adam is: a Conservative liar, expense cheat and European puppet of a prime minister; a Labour misfit of a man who acts and looks like ‘Bart Simpson’ who wishes to make laws that make it easier for the paedophiles in his cabinet to get access to children and a simpleton like Clegg.. Some choice heh!

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