Well this is going well. After Theresa May’s top official starred in a car crash select committee hearing yesterday (VIDEO), the judge appointed to lead an investigation has been called on to quit.

It turns out that Baroness Butler Sloss‘ brother was attorney general from 1979 to 1987 — and argued for 20 minutes with a Conservative MP to dissuade him using parliamentary privilege to name an establishment paedophile in the Commons.

It would be too embarrassing for Theresa May to ‘unappoint’ her — but she may well step down of her own accord.

  1. From a viewpoint very much outside the establishment. I was very pleased to hear the Dame Butler – sloss was appointed as she is a fine judge.

    It’s unlikely that her brother ever said to her that he was protecting Peter Morrison.

    I think she is an unexpectedly good choice still.

    I can appreciate the lawyer’s standpoint but he is mistaken. EBAY is one of few establishment figures that we can trust

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