David Jones

The secretary of state for Wales attended a meeting about the Bedroom Tax at the Welsh Assembly last week. A victim of the so-called ‘under occupancy penalty’ — an army veteran who was wounded in service in Northern Ireland — challenged him on the policy.

How did the cabinet minister respond? Asking him how he votes, of course!

“David Jones asked me if I was a member of a political party and I said no, I am not. He asked me who I voted for and I said that’s personal.

“I was fuming and I had to walk out of the room. Mr Antinow said that what he said was out of order and they started arguing. I think Mr Jones asked me if I was a political activist.

Late Today programme legend Brian Redhead knew how to deal with Tory cabinet ministers who resort to this gutter tactic …

  1. It was like that at my music group – one of the Johnny Come Lately’s said: “Isn’t that right, Dan?” I left – but like a soldier, nobody misses a guitarist.

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