UKIP Newark leaflet

Scrapbook is tickled to see the Tories baby-faced Newark by-election attacked by his UKIP opponent for exaggerating his credentials as an “entrepreneur”. Sitting MEP Roger Helmer complains that Robert Jenrick has been “cranking up his CV” — as well as claiming humble origins while failing to mention his family’s multi-million pound property in Westminster

… all of which you could have read on this blog within one day of Patrick Mercer’s resignation. Tory campaign bosses altered his Twitter bio and pulled a letter referencing “entrepreneurship” after Scrapbook went to pixel.

Jenrick responded to The Times (£), who revealed that Jenrick was only given the title of “international managing director” for the Decorative Arts division of Christie’s auction house — one of ten such units within the company — in April:

“I’ve been involved in our family business but, no, my career has been first as a business lawyer. Since then at Christie’s in a range of different commercial roles.”

A Tory spokesman then reached for some straws:

“Working in a senior commercial role at Christie’s means he is required to be entrepreneurial.”

You’re welcome, Nigel.

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