Iain Dale and Harriet Harman

With Harriet Harman the latest politician to take on a regular (in her case monthly) phone-in slot on LBC Radio, it’s good to see Labour figures are clear where they stands on the big issues:

Errrrr …

  1. Harriet, how could it ever be right for a Labour leader to pose with a right-wing, criminal, offensive “newspaper”? Knowing how they treated the victims of Hillsborough, holding the page up while the inquests were actually going on?
    He was right to apologise; he was not right to pose with that rag.

  2. John Merrall says:

    I am a life long member of the Labour Party and it was sad for me to see this photo. I knew a father who lost his son at Hillsborough and another a work colleague who was there on the day and suffered mental health problems and was unable to work again.
    Back to the decision to be photographed with the Sun newspaper. This shows how the Labour Party at the highest level is out of touch with core support. I can’t describe how disappointed I am.

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