NHS risk policy: Lansley and Hunt

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt is on his high horse over reporting of safety incidents in the NHS, with officials claiming that one in five trusts are not “being open and honest” about risks faced by patients.

Hunt told Radio 4 Today:

“The NHS is there for patients, and if a hospital has a problem with its reporting culture, I think patients have a right to know that”

Could it be that NHS managers have taken their cue on transparency from the government?

With a tribunal dismissing their case three times, ministers were slammed by the Information Commissioner in 2012 after they invoked a special veto to keep the risk analysis of their disruptive health reforms — the so-called NHS Risk Register — under wraps.

  1. The fact is, as has been repeatedly demonstarted by this Coalition Government, they simply don’t give a fig about hypocrisy as long they they get their way.

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