Esther McVey and Iain Duncan SMith

Ministers have been told they are “in denial” after a series of charities told a committee that the government’s harsh new benefits regime is driving food bank use.

Written submissions from bodies such as Oxfam and Barnardos to a Scottish Parliament committee, whose report on food banks is published today,  emphasise DWP’s culpability.  But heartless employment minister Esther McVey still claimed three weeks ago that there is “no robust evidence linking food bank usage to welfare reform”.

“No robust evidence” apart from that academic study commissioned by the Scots Government …

“Providers who participated in the study were in agreement that welfare reform, benefit delays, benefit sanctions and falling incomes have been the main factors driving the recent trend observed of increased demand for food aid”

… and what everyone involved with provision of emergency food aid told the committee:

“An increasing number of people are being referred to foodbanks because they have been sanctioned for what some frontline professionals have described as ‘trivial reasons'” — Trussell Trust

“Cuts to the levels of welfare support such as cuts to housing benefit entitlement … Delays in getting benefits, combined with a stricter sanction regime for claimants” — Barnardos

“Since the changes to the benefit system, requests for food parcels have increased by more than fifty per cent” — Christian charity Loaves and Fishes

“Bedroom tax causing people to have debt problems because they cannot afford the additional costs … Sanctions on benefits causing people to seek additional help” — Community Food Moray

“More people are coming to food banks as they are subject to delays in payment of benefit, sanctions by Job Centre Plus, have exhausted their savings to pay the bedroom tax …” — Community Food Initiatives North East

“It is clear that many people turning to emergency food banks are experiencing some sort of benefit delay or sanction.” — Oxfam Scotland

McVey has turned down a request for a public meeting with the committee.

  1. nolly catcher says:

    As a Diabetic on Benefits I can assure Mc Vey and IDS that they are having a disaterous effect on my healthfor these reasons.
    1. Due to greatly reduced income my Diabetes is escalating weekly due to the inability to afford decent foods. Fresh fruit and vegatables etc are become unreachable on such a miniscule amount.
    2.The stress created by this blatant predudice of the Disabled has caused my hair to fall out.
    3. At risk of losing my live in grand daughter due to not having enough to support us both.
    4. Alienation of freinds and family due to your consistant effort to cause predudice to anyone who dares to claim benefits, despite my contributions of over 40 years.
    I sincerely hope you are both imprisoned for you relentless persecution of the sick .

  2. That McVey is so full of bull sh*t……….torys never change there scum they only look after the rich….the sooner the booted out the better

  3. Theresa Maleady says:

    Those two know they will have to watch their backs come next year. They will have answer to an awful lot of questions. I too am a diabetic and need food to survive these idiots will answer

  4. steve sansom says:

    I have voted Conservative all my life but I will never vote for them again IDS is just copying Hitler’s Nazi party and targeting the disabled as they did when they first came to power. Anyone who denounces them is then subject to to the full power of their press machine denouncing their personalities to the full extent

  5. Will Baratheon says:

    Well we all know what people have to do? Vote Labour or any party in apart from the Conservatives. The only reason these scum get elected is because a lot of people stay at home and don’t vote

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