Consistency is not the strong suit of former Tory deputy chairman Michael Fabricant. In the wake of a particularly fearsome encounter between Rod Liddle and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on Channel 4 News, Fabbers had this to say:

And here he is holding a sign saying “real men don’t hit women”:

Michael Fabricant at domestic violence protest

Real men don’t joke about hitting women either. In fact, this is the quote he gave to Lichfield Live:

“That hurt [of domestic violence] doesn’t just apply to physical injury, but to verbal, emotional, social, financial, and sexual hurt too.”

Perhaps he should stick to oral sex jokes instead?

UPDATE: He even invited the home secretary to visit the domestic violence charity which organised the protest above. Could his excitement over the costume have prevented the message from sinking in?

Michael Fabricant (Lichfield) (Con): Last week I wore pink, in common with 100 others in Lichfield—pink trousers, pink shirt, pink feather boa—to walk for the Pathway project in my constituency. It looks after those—not only women, but men too—who suffer from domestic violence. Will the Home Secretary or one of her team please come to Lichfield to see the good work the Pathway project is doing?

Mr Speaker: The hon. Gentleman must have looked even more exotic than usual.

Mrs May: I know that my hon. Friend has a fondness for taking photographs, and I wonder whether he has taken a photograph of himself that could perhaps be circulated to Members of the House for their edification. He makes an important point, however, and I commend the Pathway project in Lichfield. I have noted the hon. Gentleman’s invitation, as has the Minister for Crime Prevention, for one of us to come and visit. May I say what excellent work people in the Pathway project and similar schemes are doing on this important issue?

  1. Richard Harris says:

    Sometimes, when I’m dreaming (and after far too much cheese), I get a vivid experience of Britain 2014 as a very bad and unfunny ’50s Ealing comedy or a run down end of the pier show where local spivs and be-wigged tossers juggle chipped plates and flog fire-damaged toy rabbits…

    And then when I wake up….

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