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With details of a legal settlement involving MP (and now ex-councillor) Mike Hancock expected to drop around 2pm this afternoon, it’s worth looking at the suspended Lib Dems’ attempts to smear his accuser — a registered vulnerable adult who came to him for help — as a money grabber whose claims were without foundation.

letter to voters dated 30 April and printed by the Liberal Democrats states:

“I am independent [councillor] while a complainant sues me for money in the civil courts. Her complaints have TWICE been looked at the police and they have TWICE concluded that there is NO case for me to answer.”

“While suing me for money, she complained to the council … I will be strongly contesting the evidence when it gets to court.”

This from another letter distributed in his former stronghold of Fratton on the eve of polling day:

“I’m also grateful that people have told my team they can see through the complaint against me for what it is. TWICE the police have said there is no case for me to answer on it. The complainant is though suing me for money.”

“I will strongly contest it ALL in court”

Did we mention the April communication was printed by the Liberal Democrats?

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