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While funding for a controversial anti-extremism body was explored by Newsnight as a proxy for tensions between Michael Gove and Theresa May last week, what has drawn less scrutiny is Gove’s role in securing a £120,000 bail out for a think tank whose advisory board he had sat on until he entered government.

The Quilliam Foundation had its ‘preventing extremism’ funding drawn down by the Home Office in 2011, after which the Department for Education stepped in. If Gove was personally involved with the decision, the intervention to rescue the enterprise would be analogous to the scandal of Nick Clegg helping to direct funds to a charity linked with his wife.

That the money was handed over in the middle of 2011 runs counter to apparently grossly misleading statements from the group’s chairman Maajid Nawazwho is also the Liberal Democrat candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn. Scrapbook picks up where blogger John Sergeant left off last week:

Here is what Nawaz said about government funding to journalists (VIDEO) and people goading him as an ‘establishment stooge’:

Maajid Nawaz on Quilliam funding

As Scrapbook readers may recall, Nawaz was then forced to, errr, nuance his position, after unexpected freedom of information requests revealed that government funding had actually continued into financial year 2011-12.

Maajid Nawaz on Quilliam funding

No one had bothered to FOI the department for education, however, which was why it was news last week that Quilliam had been awarded a £120,000 bail out from DfE in May 2011. Cue more goalpost moving:

Maajid Nawaz on Quilliam funding

But Scrapbook’s absolute favourite is this riposte to his former comrades in extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) from 23 June 2011 — just one month after their new injection of cash had dropped:

With funding from the Department for Education, of course!

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