Young UKIP Evening Standard feature

Half of the young UKIP supporters featured in a glossy magazine spread just eight months ago have either quit the party or are refusing to campaign for them — citing inflammatory rhetoric on immigration.

21 year-old Sanya-Jeet Thandi (above top), who has been one of the party’s most prominent ethnic minority supporters in the media, has claimed that UKIP have descended into a “form of racist populism”, writing in the Guardian today:

“the direction in which the party is going is terrifying: Ukip has descended into a form of racist populism that I cannot bring myself to vote for. This week I decided to leave the party and I will abstain from voting in the upcoming European elections. I urge other Ukip supporters to do the same.

She follows the “future face of UKIP” Alexandra Swann (above bottom) in no longer wanting to be identified with the party. Swann told the Indy just last month:

“I can’t bring myself to campaign for them.”

“The focus moved to immigration. It was difficult with the anti-gay marriage stuff. Now so much of their argument is anti-immigration which didn’t sit well with me.”

Could this spread be UKIP’s version of the toxic ‘Tatler Tories’?

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