It was all going so well for senior UKIP spinner and MEP hopeful Gawain Towler at a Euro election debate hosted by lobbyists PLMR last week, with Towler holding forth on his party sacking candidates exposed as bigots by the media:

“We don’t have the resources with 64 full-time members of staff to check all of the two and a half thousand candidates, so the fact that is that someone else is doing it and proving that ‘X’ is a ghastly fellow … thank you very much, GONE! We’re happy with that.”

But unprompted, Towler then defended candidate Bradley Monk, who dressed as paedophile Jimmy Savile for fun:

UKIP Jimmy Savile mask

The South West region candidate claimed:

“He went as a monster: a monster created by the media. I’m not going to criticise him for that.”

“We’re going to defend that sort of thing”

Contrary to claims made by Towler and party leader Nigel Farage (AUDIO), UKIP often refuse to expel bigoted candidates — either defending their ‘right to hold those views’ or launching ‘investigations’ which go nowhere.

The vile racist who suggested Lenny Henry should emigrate “to a black country” is still a UKIP candidate along with others highlighted by Scrapbook last week.

  1. john murray says:

    Strewth!! YOu lot are really scraping the barrel with this one aren’t you? Do a google search for Blair and Saville and you will see a picture of them together.

  2. If we’re going to get party political about this, there are far more pictures of Thatcher & Saville. 😉

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