UPDATE: On original publication, this article carried a picture of James Carver, new UKIP MEP for the West Midlands — not Cllr Dave Small. Scrapbook is happy to clarify that Mr Carver was not responsible for the alleged comments and, indeed, brought the matter to the attention of the party.

It’s taken just five days for one of UKIP’s new councillors to find themselves at the centre of a row — with Redditch councillor Dave Small accused of sickening racist and homophobic comments on Facebook.

Barely literate comments attributed to him (two excerpts below) include branding African migrants “scroungers” and Elton John and Clare Balding “perverts”:

Dave Small alleged Facebook post

Unusually, the party have acted swiftly to suspend him.

  1. Oh so I’m a polish scum for working hard in UK and paying taxes so that all you UKiP “great” and “worthy” people can have they salaries paid for talking nonsense like that instead of actually doing something productive.

  2. Ann litchfield says:

    If you’re an example of what it means to be “British” bring on the immigrants and the puffs. Such idiocy needs some serious diluting.

  3. Tsk Tsk. Just like PS to raise another isolated case.

    How many isolated cases can one party have?

  4. The thing is that the electorate voted for him and the Party he belongs too, It just shows the failings of the media for bigging up UKIP and of the major parties for not engaging properly with the electorate.

  5. Gareth Pratt says:

    He can’t spell “arseholes” despite several attempts. Still that’s the sort of people we’re dealing with. Cretin.

  6. Liz Needham says:

    It would be appreciated, Mr Small, if you could learn to write in the language of the country you purport to be a citizen of.

  7. @m….and other valuable immigrants…. not all brits voted for these nasty fools…..and I NEVER will……embarrassed to be “British”……not that I ever define myself as being so anyway…..there are more important things

  8. reminds me of a photo someone shared on FB…..it was of a notice in the window of a door at ukip HQ……”if you dont vote UKIP, your not British”…..someone wants to show them the difference between knowing you’re s*** and knowing your s***……..and folk want to leave this lot in charge of education?????

  9. Just as well really, with his level of literacy he would never cope with all the paperwork he would be confronted with at Council meetings. It tends to be a bit more advanced than a Janet & John reading book!

  10. He can’t even spell properly. jeez i am not British by birth, but I am a lot better in writing in the proper English language than this Mr Small.

    rasehole? what could he mean by that?
    referundum? i am sure it is referendum (like the one we thank god get in September here in Scotland)
    electerate? hmmm i could have sworn it was electorate.
    fuck them too? he shows he is indeed small as the way he uses the word too, means too small, too much etc….he is supposed to only use one O….i.e. fuck them to.

    and i can go on and on…..this man is a disgrace and should be put where he was wishing the gay people of this country to be send to….in a closet….and then throw away the key.

  11. @William Stevens…yes, he made these comments last June but that’s even worse, UKIP were still happy letting him stand as a councillor! Clearly they don’t check theirembera well at all. Can’t wait for all the other stories that will inevitably follow 🙂

  12. “UKIP always takes prompt action” Oh really? Normally they announce an urgent investigation and then let the issue slide. It’s amazing just how many one off “nutcases” one party can have, considering how few candidates, let alone elected representatives, they have.

  13. I am just saying, we all keep saying Islam is not a race, its a religion… yet we surprisingly see in every politician major agenda related to emigrants, Muslims seems to be on the list to be reduced or kicked out??? I mean look at this: “Poles, Bulgarian, Romanians plus Muslims”.. Isn’t that clear target of particular race for deportation? why Muslims are included if its only a religion point?

    I think politicians are playing! They should be kicked out of the UK like the rest of all people living in this iland because we all have Roman, Viking, German, East European and Asian background! We just like to play fuck all right now and forget to target China whom I happen to see everywhere I go! Let us all get out and live the UK an empty land like it was once before, shall we??

  14. Mary Doherty says:

    The man is a vile excuse of a human! Some of my best friends are gay and you know what? I love them to bits and I’m proud to be seen out with them! Some of my family are married to foreign men, who by the way are decent hard working loving husbands and dads! And I’m so very proud of them too! Without different cultures to learn from and teach to, we as the human race would have a lot less enrichment and diversity in our lives! As for blaming a certain race to what ever the current fear is, because of hard line extreamists (which by the way every race and religion have their fair share of! ) is just the very thing that will stop any chance of global peace between all this planets inhabitants! Sorry for the rant, but people like this prat really do make my blood boil! 🙁 x

  15. Nearly a year is prompt action?

    This man is clearly in dire need of a dictionary and his mummy should take away his internet privileges until he learns to be nice. 😉

  16. Ukip are like the old 1980s NF without the violence (yet) a bunch of ignorant brainless cretins

  17. So, he made these comments a year ago and he was still allowed to stand, so much for swift action. Also, it doesn’t say much for those who voted for him. *shakes head*. We’ve had ‘immigrants’ since the beginning of time and they have added to our country’s diversity and richness of our society. Historically, the English are descended from several peoples — the earlier Britons (or Brythons), the Germanic tribes that settled in the region (including Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, collectively known as the Anglo-Saxons) who founded what was to become England (from the Old English Englaland), and the later Danes, Normans and other groups. Following the Acts of Union 1707, in which the Kingdom of England was succeeded by the Kingdom of Great Britain, English customs and identity became closely aligned with British customs and identity. The English we know is an amalgamation of several languages, the original English was brought over from Germany during the Middle Ages.

  18. Suzanne Ennazus says:

    Tell them to get rid of the Queen and most of the MPs then, seeing as most are all foreign. Prince Philip is an asylum seeker.

  19. Devil's Advocate says:

    It seems everyone here was even quicker to act than UKIP! The greatest example of repression I’ve witnessed this campaign is of ‘liberals’ and their lambasting of UKIP supporters. I guess “all a bunch of racists and homophobes” is easier to grunt than to pay attention to the reason anyone would vote UKIP. Skilled hard-working immigrants will never be unwelcome in Britain, it’s what we’re made of, my family included. But didn’the BBC just report on a story that over 50% of ‘foreign doctors’ are under qualified for the UK? I think they mean a 3yr degree in Pakistan doesn’t equate to 7years here in the UK (despite my doctor’s opinion – before wrongly diagnosing my illness). I regularly deal with engineers from the EU and beyond, fantastic to see how circumstantially due to the different environments and communities, solutions to problems differ. Skilled labour should be welcomed, I agree. But the shit should be left on the doormat – something Labour’s open door policy, assisted by EU immigration quota bungs, has made impossible.

  20. The similarity between UKIP and pre war German policies is alarming. Millions of British people lost their lives defending us against Nazism. Hitler scapegoated Jews and millions were slaughtered. UKIP scapegoats immigrants in a similar manner. It is the multinational corporations, mostly based in tax havens, that seek talented management and cheap labour in the UK, it is builders prepared to employ workers as once the Irish were used to further their profits who go unscathed by Farage et al. How does it occur that foreign ownership is capable of restoring companies from ICI, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Rover, Cleveland B|ridge and all the others to profitability where British ownership failed? If Farage ever gets to Downing Street we had better hope for a foreign takeover or God help us.

  21. The Spidermonkey says:

    Devil’s Advocate- when it comes to racism and homophobia, he stands condemned out of his mouth, wouldn’t you say? And I suggest you think hard about whether you’re proud of yourself for describing other human beings as “the shit”- and maybe ask yourself too where this idea comes from that it’s immigrants who are responsible for the UK’s problems.

  22. Never have I ever nor would I ever vote UKIP, for reasons such as this and worse remarks that it’s candidates have exclaimed. Comments like ‘abortions should be mandatory for foetuses found to have downs syndrome or spina bifida because it would cost money if the child was born’. Whenever I hear of such things I hope that it is lies and was never said. What scares me is that members of this country voted these barbarians into power. Great Britain may need to drop the word great from its name. As if their policies come to fruition we are gonna see nothing but bleak dark times.

  23. Another “isolated case”? Funny just how many of those there are in UKIP isn’t it? This is why the Localism Bill is so dangerous. Ignorant, bigoted fools who can barely string a sentence together get to make the big decisions and spit bile. Fifty years ago, anyone so transparently nasty would not have been allowed to hold office ANYWHERE. I apologise to all people of the aforementioned ethnicities or sexualities for the bad manners of my countrymen.

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