Nigel Farage UKIP racism

This from what looks to be the Twitter account of UKIP’s Newark branch, where Roger ‘hating gays is like choosing a cup of tea’ Helmer MEP will be fighting a by-election:

Newark UKIP tweet

With the account set up at least 11 months ago, the party’s top spinner is denying that it’s official:

Which might work as a line — if O’Flynn himself hadn’t been following the account for some time. His chronologically-ordered follow stream shows he signed up to receive updates from the account 68 follows ago.

Patrick O'Flynn following @UKIPnewark


UPDATE: O’Flynn now saying he follows all UKIP accounts he finds …

UPDATE II: The account claims that “several” local members have access …

  1. I linked to this story on the Guardian’s story about Newark’s selection. My comment was deleted. Funny.

  2. I dont like UKIP. I campaign against them. But this is a non-story in the grand scheme of things

    theres half a chance they have nothing to do with UKIP. If they do, its an activist. these activists have been doing much dodgier things while campaigning, although probably because they dont know election rules. but there’s the story.

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