The official Tory LGBT twitter account has had a pop at UKIP dinosaur Roger Helmer, tweeting out a list of his frequent and offensive homophobic comments. Only thing is, he made most of the comments while he was still a Tory.

The graphic, entitled ‘Roger Helmer’s Little Pink Book: Homophobic Quotations from UKIP’s Would-Be MP For UKIP’, lists nine disgusting comments made by the moustachioed misanthrope, in which he advocates the “curing” of homosexuality, and likens gay marriage to incest and bestiality.

But five of the nine outbursts were made before Helmer defected from the Tories to UKIP on March 4th 2012.

To help you out, we’ve helpfully updated the image above, adding a key so you can tell at a glance which were said before he quit the Conservative party.

We wonder if they would have made their little pink book while he was still technically on their side…

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