Clare George-Hilley

An embittered former Tory councillor has launched an astonishing tirade against “dumb” residents in her ward who refused to vote for her party last Thursday. Clare George-Hilley, who stood down as a candidate but was still heavily involved in campaigning in Waddon ward, started by admonishing ungrateful locals on Twitter:

Clare George-Hilley

But Clare saved her full ire for what she presumed to be the relative privacy of Facebook — adopting the ‘them/they’ language which landed Grant Shapps in hot water over Beer/Bingo-gate:

“Feel very let down by people we have served for 8 years. We built them a new leisure centre, spent millions improving parks & roads and they vote for the opposition.”

“if people are so dumb that they don’t know the difference between a general or local election then they shouldn’t be able to vote”

Clare George Hilley Facebook

A former contestant on the BBC’s Castaway programme, Clare — previously backed by David Cameron and Conservative HQ to head the party’s youth wing — isn’t the only member of her household to have graced these web pages. Scrapbook exposed her husband, fellow Conservative activist George Hilley for an article on his website entitled ‘Gypos Mugged me on King’s Road, which contained references to “gypsy magic” and was accompanied by a photograph of a black and white minstrel figure.

As for her sour grapes social media rants, anyone would have thought Hilley paid for the leisure centre and park maintenance with her own money.

  1. She then went on to claim she wasn’t bitter, but voters were “fickle” … Croydon’s gain will be someone else’s loss shortly I suspect.

    @AndrewFisher79 Not 'bitter' just surprised at how fickle people are but I suppose that's the joy of living in a democracy?! ;)— Clare George-Hilley (@ClareHilley) May 23, 2014

  2. And residents voted her out because (a) she was condescending; (b) moved out of the area as soon as she could; & (c) was elected on a “no to an incinerator” in 2010 and then promptly supported it in 2012 without a squeak of protest.

  3. Rightwingery says:

    Hmmm, Sunlight appears to be confused.

    a. She retired and, thus, was not voted out
    b. She still lives in the area and has done for many years
    c.It isn’t an incinerator!

    Facts. Required

  4. Happy to see you posted about Dianne Abbot calling non Londoners uneducated for not voting UKIP.

    I think it’s a fair cop, the electorate are idiots and not helped by parties or the media. When you got people who’s interests are served by Labour voting UKIP and Tory. And when you get one of the worst councils in the country with higher council tax, a string of financial and legal scandals(2 ministers council tac fraud, luxury cruises, mistakes of accounts etc), a string of national scandals (Baby P, London Riots etc) and poor service (1/3 chance of having a phone call answered, the worst administration I am having to deal with losing everything designating people wrong repeatedly) Yet the public voting to increase the incumbents share after 43 years of being terrible. Makes no sense and is being done for different reasons then the record of your local council.

  5. Laurence, I’d call you a sloppy journalist but as you are not hopefully a ‘sloppy blogger’ will suffice! 😉

    If you checked the statement of nominations then you would be aware that I did not re-stand for election and I believe that people should know the difference between the local & euro elections before voting.

    I was and still am disillusioned that an alleged wife beater can win an election:

    I hope you will update your article with these points but as you are paid by a trade union to smear Conservatives you probably wont….

  6. #8 Clare do YOU know the difference between a local, general and euro election because you appear very confused?

    In your facebook post you state ” … the difference between a general or local election…” but in #8 you state “…between the local & euro elections before voting. ”

    So which is it?

    I think the voters of Croydon knew very well who they were voting for (and against). I can understand you being disappointed in your party loosing seats but to blame the electorate for being ‘dumb’ makes you the ‘dumb’ one.

    And very classy to bring up an article from 2007 (yes 7 years ago) when members of your own party are hardly models of virtue when it comes to family values

  7. I’m a Labour Party member and voter and would agree with Clare on very little politically but I completely take offence at this blog. Fine, pull out a public Tweet but highlighting private Facebook posts is a thoroughly unpleasant tactic. Also, it’s very obvious what your intentions were with the image at the top – the mysogenistic undertones are all too clear. I certainly won’t be visiting this site again.

  8. Your readers should be aware that the political partys in Britain supporting our membership of the EU are not aware that the EU is a fascist construct. Don’t believe me? Just google “European Economic Community 1942 ” it’s all there, in the original German too. The fascist may have lost the war but they are winning the peace.

  9. Geoff Muldoon says:

    You could either be dumb for voting against her or an utter imbecile for voting for her. Someone from out of the area assists in the placement of a leisure facility and then they in turn expect all the local peons votes from now until when? Where did these people come from with such amazing ideas?

    All this nonsense simply makes me not want to vote, and is hardly a celebration of democracy.

    P.S. what name is Grant Shapps going by these days? is it still Dominic Green? I can never keep up.

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