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An astonishing letter from Nigel Farage to voters in the Newark by-election. The UKIP leader — who has openly admitted trousering EU expenses to fund his party — has decided to attack the Tories on sleaze:

“From abusing their positions of power for personal gain to outright fraud, the politicians meant to be representing you are being exposed one after the other …”

Nigel Farage Newark letter excerpt

Errr … where to start?

  • Farage described expenses abuse by UKIP MEP Tom Wise as a “simple, silly error” — before his ultimate conviction for fraud.
  • UKIP MEP Ashley Mote was jailed for 21 counts of benefits fraud totalling £65,000
  • UKIP are regularly represented in the media by disgraced former Tory MP Neil Hamilton, the protagonist in arguably the most notorious case of British political sleaze in living memory.
  • Former MEP Den Dover has also been welcomed into the fold. He was expelled from the Tories after trousering hundreds of thousands of pounds of EU expenses.

Next up: Farage accuses another party of being a bit racist.

  1. Expenses, MEP’s It’s called allowances

    Completely different

    Your writing is a criminal offence, this is defamation of character. & you should be sued for this. In the future you will be. The economy will collapse & mummy & addy the central bank cannot fix this economy.
    A gold standard existed to stop abuse of invented money. It’s a slave empire this freemason government will be hung in the future. UKIP will win weither it take 10 years or a collapse the truth will preval

    It’s writers like this who are 1 stupid 2 fucking cowards.

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