• UKIPer shows ‘Third Reich-inspired’ tattoos in naked photo shoot
  • Candidate posed with middle aged man snorting powder off girl
  • Tattoos depict planes diving towards Jewish Star of David
  • Third Reich eagle insignia accompanied by words “Let Us Prey”

UKIP candidate Kevin O'Doherty Dualism photoshoot

One of UKIP’s council candidates posed naked alongside a middle aged man poised to snort a mystery white powder from the posterior of a young woman — revealing tattoos which appear to be inspired by Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich.

Kevin O’Doherty (pictured right above), who is standing for UKIP in Hastings where the party boasts one councillor, has already hit the headlines, having claimed on Facebook that “there is no such thing as a benign Muslim” and defending the vile racist who suggested that Lenny Henry should emigrate “to a black country”.

Working as a part-time character model, O’Doherty posed for the photograph for a limited edition art bookThe Dualism Volume 2 (NSFW)And while the white powder in the suggestive snap is (presumably) not a Class A drug, the tattoos appear in several other images of the UKIP hopeful, compiled below. The inks feature:

Kevin O'Doherty tattoos

The overwhelming consensus among plane geeks canvassed by Scrapbook on Twitter this afternoon was that the top plane is a Stuka dive bomber, which left a trail of devastation as the Nazis swept across Europe.

While Scrapbook has requested comment from O’Doherty via the UKIP press office, we are yet to hear from him. However a spokesman told us that they might look into the matter, errr, after the election:

“Where evidence is produced to indicate a breach it will be considered at the earliest opportunity by the National Executive Committee as part of an established disciplinary procedure.​”

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who helped to identify the planes in the tattoos — readers like you make this blog what it is.


  1. alan cockrell says:

    The other plane looks like a Heinkel bomber. Yep one of the Nazis most used planes in WWII.

  2. The wings aren’t right for either a Heinkel 111 (swept back) or a Dornier 17 (almost rectangular)…

  3. 6 comments, 5 of which are more concerned about the pedantry of getting the name of the plane right.

  4. Fair comment, anonymous.

    The guy is undoubtedly a wrong-un and will doubtlessly be booted out of Ukip in the very near future, as they have done with every other numpty who has slipped through the net.

    In the meantime I will be working on my beer belly in the expectation of being able to pull nice young fillies such as the one pictured.

  5. Dave Ratchford says:

    Simon Hare wins the internetz with that one liner!
    But, just returning to the aforementioned article… Holy Guacamole!!!!

  6. The tattoos are fake, aren’t they? They don’t appear in the other photo shown in the preview video.

  7. “Look! One of our prospective politicians is a nazi sympathiser who likes posing with drugs and girls!”

    “Yeah, but the real question here is what type of plane is tattooed on his arm?”

    And we all sit here and wonder why UK politics is in such a mess, with that level of intelligent debate going on…

  8. Fokker was actually Dutch – though used by the Germans in WW1. I think this guy is likely to be a Focke, though I’m unsure about the second place 😉

  9. When was the picture taken. Before he was a UKIP candidate or after?
    He has hurlers 3rd reich stuff tattooed on his arm.. Hitler a person who wanted a European Union? And this guy is in a political party that doesn’t want to join the Europeon Union?
    Supposedly the guy mentioned there no such thing as a benign Muslim… Although I think the comment is untrue. I can see where he comes from. As it is written in the Quran that non-believers and followers of other religions must be cut off at the neck… #leerigby…
    And his ‘vile’ comment about Lenny Henry should go back to a Black Country has been taken out of context.
    Lenny Henry’s vile comment of saying more black people need to given jobs… Is basically saying stop giving white people jobs and give
    it to black people. That sounds racist to me… So he got a retort back.. If you want black jobs for black people. Go to a Black Country… Here in England we give jobs to the best candidates. Unless of course the politicians force the employers like a few years back.. Black police commissioner given a job because he was black. Even though there were 5 other candidates better suited to the job.. Offering jobs to specific colours instead of job experience is racist.. So why is no one jumping on Lenny Henry the racist nuts??
    If you already know the suspicious white powder isn’t cocaine. Then why mention it?
    And the planes are both stukkas a German made plane.. Germany is in Europe. All you UKIP haters want to join Europe. Hitler wanted a European state.. And you lot are giving it to him posthumously.. We still have our trading rights and deals.. We still have the commonwealth and our monarchy. Stay out of Europe. Sort our country out. Then join Europe when we can force a better deal for ourselves. Ie… Queen to run Europe. Fuck the Magna Carta. Then get rid of the politicians. Who have been lining there pockets and looking after the rich since the government began.

  10. david Pearce says:

    hmm if Nigel looked at his eBay store music selection( = George Michael, i want to be like a man , gay anthems,communards etc) other UKIP members would lynch and burn him = George Michael, i want to be like a man , gay anthems,
    or is he UKIPs token gay to prove they’re not homophobic :O

  11. Christopher Dunster says:

    FILLIES!!? This is describing a woman as a horse. Not very PC. You might as well have a JU87 and a JU88 tattooed on your arm…

  12. Kingfatelvis says:

    This is a staged photograph for a model agency the papers seem to indicate that he’s been caught getting up to something naughty. More importantly though I can confirm the plane is defiantly a Stuka though I’m not sure which variant.

  13. In the interests of helping take this debate along, can I suggest people look at this very useful link.


    which leads me to believe that the twin prop aircraft below the German eagle is either an ME-210 Heavy fighter or a Heinkel He 177 long range bomber. The wing shape is defintely wrong for either the Dornier or the He111.

    The top one is almost certainly a JU87 Stuka.

    One point, I would hope we can all agree on is that the fella sporting the tattoos is a regrettably all too commonly spotted antisemitic, fascist f***wit who deserves nothing but our ridicule.

  14. That picture is a fake, in the real picture the girl is snorting the coke off the UKIP guys arse while he is bumming the other Nazi!

  15. The second plane looks like it has engines on the wings but if you look at the plan for the Ju87 Stuka you can see that the wheel shrouds are in this position when viewed from above. On another matter: UKIP are supposedly against the idea of a European empire but this guy appears to be a supporter of one – weird eh?

  16. Tim – are really so stupid that you can’t see that the issue is the nazi tattoos, not the fact that it’s a staged photo. It’s douby ironic that he is gay in a party that is not pro-equality.

    Also I hope those arguing over whether it’s a Stuka or a Fokker have noticed that there are 2 different planes on his arm. The stuka is at the top of his arm, the other lower down.

  17. Simon Hare…. That really made me laugh… By the way… QPR to beat Derby in the Play Off Final on Sat…. This UKIP guy is vile and hope he’s a Derby fan as QPR are going to smash them at Wembley… COME ON U R’sssssss

  18. “hanks to everyone on Twitter who helped to identify the planes in the tattoos — readers like you make this blog what it is.”

    what… a load of tory/labour inspired bull? aimed at slurring a party who has the balls to say what every other party is too scared to?

    This country is a joke, its been invaded from the inside (and Im talking about Europe before you get excited), EU interference, no control over our own affairs, MASSIVE cost to the tax payer for all the idiotic schemes the EU force us to pay in to, lets not even get started with our Euro MEPs and what those freeloaders cost us.
    GET OUT of Europe, sack the MEP wasters, stop giving our money to poorer newly joined EU countries, take back control and lets start sorting this country out from the inside.

  19. Gil Gunderson says:

    The top plane is a Stuka for definite but the second plane looks like a Messerschmitt BF-110 heavy fighter/light bomber.

  20. manmachine201 says:

    I think the dipped wings indicate that it is a Junkers Stukka 87, dive bomber. Really effective in the Blitzkrieg!

  21. Oh sniffing cocaine between a young girl butt checks, it will be my dream.
    But since EU is a huge recycling of nazis collaborators, this controversy is a lunatic one.

  22. On his left arm it shows evil… On his right arm it shows good… If this article had shown his right arm it would have shown the bigger picture… He treats his body as a canvas for telling a story as does the picture that is referenced in this article.. Unfortunate thing is people have abused it and only showing part of the story to reflect their political agenda…

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