Lord Rennard

It only took him fifteen months since Channel 4’s original report and four months since refusing point blank to say sorry to women who alleged harassment. Rennard’s damning wording confirms that serious allegations of sexual impropriety are of secondary concern to elections:

“I would be most grateful if the English Party could transmit this immediately, now that we are past polling day, and confirm to me when this has been done”

The private prosecution of Mike Hancock MP on sex assault allegations is next month.

Are they clearing the decks?

  1. poleinthewall87 says:

    “He also hopes that they will accept that the events of the last fourteen months have been a most unhappy experience for him, his family and friends and for the party.”

    Not only does he feel that serious allegations of sexual impropriety are of secondary concern to elections but he felt the need to mention this. As if it bares the same importance as how those whose personal space was encroached upon felt. It makes his apologies seem undermined when he decides to mention this as it shares the blame rather than fully owning up to it himself and understanding the full severity of such allegations. If he did mean it in such a way to say he understands this is a serious matter and how what he done was wrong then he has a stupid way of showing it.

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